Sports and cultural facilities are places visited by tens of thousands of people. Therefore, ensuring security within these facilities is a huge challenge. During mass events, such as matches or concerts, the risk of acts of aggression or vandalism, fires, and riots increases. In such situations, it is extremely important to manage security supported by security systems effectively.

In order to be able to increase the safety and efficiency of cultural and sports facilities, C&C Partners, on the basis of many years of experience, has adapted a number of its solutions to the specificity of these facilities, taking into account the applicable regulations. The delivered systems support the work and increase the safety of both guests and technical staff, artists, and athletes. It provides protection and functionality of cultural and sports facilities while optimizing the costs associated with their management. It is possible to implement the systems in the form of individual solutions or as an integrated safety and communication management system, guaranteeing modular expansion and open interfaces for other devices operating in these facilities. This approach guarantees investment security and the possibility for its expansion over time.


We offer a wide range of technology solutions to meet the challenges such as:

  • monitoring of mass events (in accordance with the requirements of the regulation of the Ministry of Interior and Administration)
  • automatic detection of acts of vandalism, fire, riots
  • restricting access to specific places/zones within the facility
  • communication and first aid
  • management over security processes


Safety of cultural and sports facilities is accomplished by:

  • integrated video surveillance with intelligent image analysis
  • access control system
  • intercom communication system
  • intrusion detection system
  • parking management system

Monitoring and managing these systems, as well as the fire detection system installed in buildings, is extremely easy and accomplished by using the PSIM + physical security management software. That saves costs and reduces the workload.

A basic system that improves safety in cultural and sports facilities is the video surveillance of the facility. Thanks to the application of specifically designed cameras of high resolution and free-moving optical modules, the behavior of participants can be monitored. Advanced solutions developed by C&C Partners specialists enable the live observation of high-quality images, by an employee of security services, and the application of image analysis algorithms, including face recognition, correlating the ticket number with the video material on which the face of its holder is, or detection of abandoned luggage. The technical parameters of the cameras supplied by C&C Partners fulfill the requirements set by the Regulation of the Ministry of Interior and Administration.

In the monitoring system, the security of the records is ensured by hardware redundancy. Video and sound recordings from each event are stored for at least 60 days. Besides, the system has functions supporting quick and intuitive framing of hooligans. Monitoring functions are also used for the protection of the external area. It allows full monitoring of the area of ​​the outdoor sports or cultural facility, as well as the parking area. Additionally, the system enables detection of crossing the fence in a prohibited place using sensor cables, video analysis, or infrared barriers.

Another system ensuring security in cultural buildings and sports facilities is access control that allows managing access to the team's changing rooms, VIP lounge, a detention room, and other administrative rooms. The system enables the integration of access control with the ticket service system installed at the facility entrances. Additionally, it is possible to use specialistic security functions, e. g. anti-passback and locks. The solution allows the identification of the viewer based on a card, pin, or biometric feature.

A perfect complement to the access control system is the option of complex guest service by the function of pre-preparation of access cards to conference or training participants, booking an appropriate number of parking spaces, and monitoring the movement of guests around the facility. In addition, the system allows you to open the barrier for a previously requested vehicle.

The solution strictly responsible for the security of a given facility is the intrusion detection system. It provides the signaling of unauthorized entry to the server room and operator center. The system allows automatic arming and disarming of security zones, based on the facility's planned operation schedule. Information about the alarm is sent to the security services. The entire system is managed from the level of visualization, keypads, or access control readers.

Effective security management is primarily collecting information of all events in one place. For this purpose, a dedicated solution for monitoring and managing all systems from one operator's station is used. The system allows for common visualization and management of all security and communication systems installed in the facility from one place. Additionally, there is an option to automatically transfer all rights to the facility security services in the operating mode "between the mass events". Finally, individual parts of the stadium or other facility are presented in a legible manner using a synoptic map.

Communication during mass events is extremely important, so you should focus on solutions of proven quality on the one hand, and innovative on the other, which shorten the time and facilitate the exchange of information. Smart SOS posts, thanks to the alarm button, enable voice communication of guests with the operator of the security system. As a result, they allow for intervention and first aid and transmitting messages to participants of cultural or sports events.

Thanks to the built-in AED device, the post is also a lifesaving point. Any use of the AED generates an automatic alarm for the operator and a view from the scene, thanks to the integration with video monitoring. Call quality is critical and plays a very important role in calling and delivering help.

The comprehensive offer of C&C Partners includes a solution in the area of parking management. It provides control over access to car parks for guests and employees and provides an appropriate number of places for disabled people. Additionally, it is possible to open parking gates by analyzing license plates number. The system also allows you to book parking spaces online or by a mobile application.

Advanced building systems for culture and sports facilities offered by C&C Partners also include monitoring of environmental conditions in server rooms and administrative rooms. The solution supports a wide range of gauges, including temperature, humidity, or flooding. The system also allows you to generate alarms in the case of critical conditions, e. g. too high temperature. The system allows automatic control of elements of other systems (e. g. switching on of fans).

The offer of C&C Partners also includes solutions that enable reading and visualizing weather conditions, such as: reading the thickness of snow cover on the roof of a sports arena or measuring temperature and humidity in the stadium basin.

As part of the integration with third-party systems, C&C Partners provides integration with elevator control systems, fire alarm systems, key-management systems, and environmental conditions monitoring systems. Wide integration possibilities allow keeping working time records. The record of working time of employees, divided into specific groups, supports organizing special activities, such as private visits, medical appointments, etc. The C&C Partners solution also has an advanced reporting system and the option of integration with HR and payroll systems.

Effective security management is primarily gathering information from all events in one place. For this purpose, the C&C Partners' solution is dedicated to monitoring and managing all systems from one operator's position within one supervision center. The WinGuard system is PSIM + software.

The PSIM + software enables effective monitoring and management of security processes. It integrates various subsystems, incl. access control, intrusion detection, video surveillance, intercoms, parking management, working time records, or fire alarm. Thanks to the complex interface, it is possible to integrate any other system required by the investor.

Extensive incident reporting tools in the PSIM + software, provide the appropriate reporting of events, relevant information about the resources, and performance of individual systems. Adequate management of the accumulated knowledge translates into the possibility of optimal management of many facilities and ordering the procedures applicable in a given facility, which results in cost optimization.