Today, more than half of the world's population - 55.3%, or approximately 4.2 billion people - lives in cities. It is estimated that by 2045 this number will increase up to 6 billion. At the same time, almost 60% of city residents would like to live in smart cities. Such a concept is possible thanks to modern technologies. All of the above will make cities more functional, safe and friendly not only to the residents but also to the environment.

Many years of experience of C&C Partners in meeting specific challenges set by the authorities of both large and small cities, allows flexible adaptation of the solutions to individual requirements and applicable regulations. The delivered systems support the work of security services and increase the safety of residents while optimizing costs. The systems can be implemented in stages, expanding and developing with new features. Modular expansion and open interface for other devices operating in the city (e.g. analog cameras) guarantee the security of the investment and provide the possibility for its further development over time.

At C&C Partners, we offer a wide range of technological security solutions that allow meeting the challenges such as:

  • managing the protection of public safety and order from one place
  • reducing crime in cities
  • monitoring order during gatherings and public events
  • monitoring and analyzing the safety, order, and flow of road traffic
  • communication and providing first aid
  • management of municipal car parks


Security in urban space is accomplished by:

  • integrated video surveillance with intelligent image analysis
  • cameras for license plate recognition
  • intercom communication system with SOS points
  • parking system
  • energy-efficient lighting


Monitoring and managing these systems is extremely easy and accomplished by using the PSIM + physical security management software. That saves costs and reduces the workload.

The excellent quality of video recordings, face analysis, analysis of people's behavior ("wandering around, leaving luggage in critical points) help in quick identification of the identity of a given person. The safety of urban space is further improved by automatic alarms generated by detectors of cars parked in prohibited places (e.g. at pedestrian crossings). The video surveillance system provides monitoring of, among others, peace and order during gatherings and public events. The possibility of identifying and bringing to justice the perpetrators of the devastation of public property is also important for city administrators. Video surveillance is also a possibility for quick identification and assistance in removing technical failures and the effects of natural disasters, or remote assistance in difficult situations and threats. Thanks to intelligent image analysis from city cameras, the reaction of law enforcement services can be immediate. The system provides the preview and verifies archival material, quickly identifying the perpetrators of offenses thanks to "post factum" analytics.

Communication in the city is a very important matter, that's why tested, high-quality, as well as innovative solutions that make communication quick and easy, should be implemented. Intelligent SOS posts provide 24-hour communication with the security system's operator. So that they enable intervention and provide first aid, as well as announcing information for residents, and tourists. Thanks to the built-in AED device, a post is also a rescue point. Any use of AED generates an automatic alarm at the operator's center and image of the event, thanks to integrating it with CCTV surveillance. An element of the communication system are also loudspeakers. Devices spread across the city's sensitive locations, e.g. parks, underground passages, and playgrounds are an excellent way of communication and prevention. Thanks to using voice messages, run by security services during preventive measures, a significant decrease in the number of acts of vandalism and violations, is observed. Communication's quality is crucial and plays an important role in calling for and providing help.

Underground passages often evoke negative emotions, pedestrians are afraid of entering them. Poor lighting, controversial paintings on the walls, and an often unpleasant smell cause the lack of security. The C&C Partners solution consists of light luminaries designed in modular LED technology, that are installed in tubes covered with prismatic foil, which increases the efficiency of the light beam, contributes to reducing the consumption of electricity and related costs by at least 40%. The use of intelligent motion sensors allows you to reduce the light intensity after a defined period of inactivity. Thanks to this configuration, the service life can reach up to 10 years, while for light sources with classic fittings it is only 3 years. This difference significantly affects the calculated payback period on investment. Besides, luminaires can be equipped with sound devices for broadcasting preventive messages in case of detecting acts of vandalism by cameras with automatic image analysis. The lower level of electricity consumption results in the reduction of CO2 emissions. The luminaires are also Cradle-to-Cradle certified, which means that the materials used in their production fit into the idea of ​​a closed-loop economy, which means that they are fully recyclable. In this way, we reduce the use of natural resources and reduce waste.

The comprehensive offer of C&C Partners includes a solution for the management of car parks in urban space. Since over 75% of drivers use mobile applications, they can search for available parking spaces before arriving and pay parking fees using a special, smart parking application. That contributes not only to time savings for drivers, thanks to booking a parking space online, but also minimizes traffic and the amount of exhaust fumes in the city. Furthermore, efficient use of parking resources increases the city's income. Thanks to the solutions provided by C&C Partners, it is possible to provide quick, ticket-free service to drivers. Entry to the car park is possible thanks to the LPR camera reading license plates. On the other hand, the parking fee is collected just before leaving the car park, after entering the license plate to the parking meter. This solution ensures automatic exit from the car park based on the license plates. E-control is another solution that allows you to remotely check whether the appropriate parking fee has been paid through cameras placed on dedicated cars.

"High-end" cameras designed to analyze license plates have many unique functionalities. They provide the recognition of license plates for many lanes simultaneously, detection of vehicles speed, color, brand and model recognition, calculation of the average trip time. Such an analysis is possible for vehicles reaching speeds of up to 250 km/h with an accuracy of> 95%. Functionalities of road cameras can automatically search for stolen cars by e.g. one of the parameters: car license plate number, color, brand, model, type of car (truck), country of registration, etc. Moreover, these systems provide better traffic control. From detecting road users who violate the traffic rules (e.g. run on a red light), by verifying parking in prohibited places, correctly crossing the street, to optimizing the traffic itself by generating a "green wave" of traffic lights, or unloading traffic jams. The low level of electricity consumption makes the luminaires contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions. The luminaires are also Cradle-to-Cradle certified, which means that the materials used in their production fit into the idea of ​​a closed-loop economy, which means that they are fully recyclable. In this way, we reduce the use of natural resources and reduce waste.

Effective security management is primarily gathering information from all events in one place. For this purpose, the C&C Partners' solution is dedicated to monitoring and managing all systems from one operator's position within one supervision center. One of the solutions that enable the development of a safe road infrastructure is the PSIM + platform based on artificial intelligence algorithms, which supports the daily work of CCTV operators by automatic detection of incidents. These algorithms analyze the image from the cameras on an ongoing basis, and in the event of detecting predefined events, they immediately send notifications to the operator. In practice, it contributes to increasing the effectiveness of surveillance in detecting and preventing undesirable incidents. Data can be accessed both in real-time and post-factum. The use of algorithms supports or replaces the operator's work. Thanks to the complex interface, it is possible to integrate any other system investor needs.