Due to its strategic location at the intersection of the main transport routes on the north-south and east-west lines, Poland increasingly emphasizes its strong position on the logistic map of Europe. The patency and high capacity of national roads are one of the main determinants of efficient and fast logistics. Additionally, in order to achieve full transport continuity, the city's intelligent transport infrastructure is becoming more and more important. Municipalities are frequent;y using Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) in an attempt to reduce congestion, improve safety and time of response to critical events.

Many years of experience of C&C Partners in meeting the specific requirements for road infrastructure systems allows for flexible adaptation of our solutions to individual customer needs, requirements, and applicable regulations. The offered systems support traffic flow and improve the safety of road users, simultaneously optimizing the costs of managing the road infrastructure. The system can be introduced as a single solution or as an integrated security and communication management system, guaranteeing modular expansion and an open interface for other devices operating in the road infrastructure. This approach guarantees the security of the investment and provides the possibility for its further development over time.

We offer a wide range of technological solutions that allow for:

  • facilitating traffic jams
  • measuring the average time of travel
  • generating a green wave 
  • analyzing and managing traffic information
  • integrating with traffic control systems
  • automatic search for stolen cars
  • parking management


Road infrastructure safety is accomplished by:

  • integrated video surveillance with intelligent image analysis
  • "HIGH-END" cameras to recognize license plates
  • intercom communication system
  • parking system
  • lighting system


Monitoring and management of these systems is accomplished by the PSIM + physical security management software.

One of the main solutions supporting the functioning and safety of road infrastructure and its users, is the video surveillance system supported by advanced image analytics. It enables ongoing video monitoring of such infrastructure elements as roads, crossings, tunnels, communication nodes. Thanks to image analysis, events are verified automatically, which ensures that the system's operator has the possibility to inform the services about a given incident very quickly.

These systems also allow for better traffic control. From detecting road users who violate the traffic rules (e.g. run on a red light), by verifying parking in prohibited places, correctly crossing the street, to optimizing the traffic itself, by generating a "green wave" of traffic lights, or unloading traffic jams. In addition, the use of cameras and encoders with direct connection by fiber optic cables significantly increases the system's resistance to failures and electromagnetic interference.

"High-end" cameras designed to analyze license plates have many unique functionalities. They provide the recognition of license plates for many lanes simultaneously, detection of vehicles speed, color, brand and model recognition, calculation of the average trip time. Such an analysis is possible for vehicles reaching speeds of up to 250 km/h with an accuracy of> 95%.

Another advantage of the system is the ability to count vehicles using intelligent image analysis with the classification for trucks and passenger cars, combining this information with the ITS system allows to unload traffic jams and improve the flow of traffic. A measurable benefit of using the offered solution is the application of intelligent image analysis to detect safety-threatening situations, such as: driving against the stream, stopping the vehicle, detecting smoke in a tunnel, etc.

Another element improving the daily functioning of road infrastructure facilities is the intercom communication system. It provides integration with the telephone exchange, mobile devices, TETRA radiotelephony used by the services, and voice alarm systems in tunnels. Another advantage of the solution is voice communication by SOS points in tunnels and located along roads, which are adapted to the needs of disabled people.

BB LEDlightpipe is used to illuminate the tunnel with a continuous line of light, creating gentle and glare-free working conditions. Luminaires using modular LED technology, implemented in tubes covered with prismatic foil, increase the efficiency of the light beam and reduce electricity consumption and related costs by a least 40%. The use of intelligent motion sensors allows you to reduce the light intensity after a defined period of inactivity. Thanks to this configuration, the service life can reach up to 10 years, while for light sources with classic fittings it is only 3 years. 

Luminaires can be additionally equipped with sound devices used to broadcast preventive messages in the event of vandalism detection by cameras with automatic image analysis. The lower level of electricity consumption results in the reduction of CO2 emissions. The luminaires are also Cradle-to-Cradle certified, which means that the materials used for their production fit into the idea of ​​a circular economy, which means that they are fully recyclable. In this way, we reduce the use of natural resources and reduce waste.

The comprehensive offer of C&C Partners includes a solution for the management of car parks in urban space. Since over 75% of drivers use mobile applications, they can search for available parking spaces before arriving and pay parking fees using a special, smart parking application. That contributes not only to time savings for drivers, thanks to booking a parking space online, but also minimizes traffic and the amount of exhaust fumes in the city. Furthermore, efficient use of parking resources increases the city's income.

Thanks to the solutions provided by C&C Partners, it is possible to provide quick, ticket-free service to drivers. Entry to the car park is possible thanks to the LPR camera reading license plates. On the other hand, the parking fee is collected just before leaving the car park, after entering the license plate to the parking meter. This solution ensures automatic exit from the car park based on the license plates.

E-control is another solution that allows you to remotely check whether the appropriate parking fee has been paid through cameras placed on dedicated cars.

Effective security management is primarily gathering information from all events in one place. For this purpose, the C&C Partners' solution is dedicated to monitoring and managing all systems from one operator's position within one supervision center. 

One of the solutions that enable the development of a safe road infrastructure is the PSIM + platform based on artificial intelligence algorithms, which supports the daily work of CCTV operators by automatic detection of incidents. These algorithms analyze the image from the cameras on an ongoing basis, and in the event of detecting predefined events, they immediately send notifications to the operator. In practice, it contributes to increasing the effectiveness of surveillance in detecting and preventing undesirable incidents. Data can be accessed both in real-time and post-factum. The use of algorithms supports or replaces the operator's work. Thanks to the complex interface, it is possible to integrate any other system investor needs.