In the Border Guard facilities, it is crucial to secure the border, frontier posts, and full verification of people and vehicles crossing the state border. Intelligent security systems are designed primarily to catch people who cross the border illegally, provide controlled access to buildings and rooms, secure the area within the state border, and carry out full monitoring using daytime and thermal imaging cameras for quick identification of intruders.

The systems offered by C&C Partners can be implemented as single solutions or as an integrated security and communication management system, guaranteeing modular expansion and open interfaces for other devices operating within the Border Guard facilities. This approach guarantees that the investment is safe and allows its expansion over time.

C&C Partners offers technically and programmatically advanced solutions dedicated to Border Guard facilities. A years-long experience in meeting the specific requirements for electronic and perimeter security systems allows flexible adjustment of the proposed solutions to the individual needs of the client and the applicable guidelines. The delivered systems support the officer's work, and contribute to increasing the safety of people on-site, while optimizing the costs of managing them. Intelligent systems have the advantage over officers in that they never lose their vigilance, do not need sleep, and are resistant to bad weather.

We offer a wide range of technological solutions that allow you to meet such challenges as:

  • detection of intrusions into the protected zone
  • detection of abandoned objects
  • face analysis
  • managing user access to individual security zones, rooms (AC)
  • secure broadcast communication
  • smooth communication at posts
  • reliable communication in centers for foreigners

The security of border guard facilities is achieved by:

  • intercom communication system
  • perimeter protection system (microwave barriers, sensory cables)
  • thermal imaging cameras
  • access control system
  • intrusion detection system
  • integrated video surveillance with intelligent image analysis
  • integrated platform for Management of individual Security Systems

The system that improves security and supports the user in verification is the facility's video surveillance system. As part of this system, we provide video monitoring based on long-range or short-range thermal imaging cameras, supplemented with fixed cameras and PTZ preview cameras. In addition, with the support of the VMS platform, we can conduct image analysis, face analysis, license plate recognition, abandoned object detection, or people walking around.

Ensuring security procedures also requires efficient and fast communication. C&C Partners has developed an intercom communication system that provides communication with intercoms in the point-to-point and point-to-multipoint architecture, as well as broadcasting multiple messages with a breakdown into individual buildings, parts of buildings, or designated zones.

We can implement the voice communication system in many ways, i.e .:

  • group broadcasts
  • point-to-point, point-to-multipoint communication
  • information to loudspeakers
  • silent control

Access control, which protects buildings from unauthorized access to crucial zones/rooms, e. g. classified office, a weapons depot, etc. The solution also has functionalities increasing the reliability of the system, including anti-passback (protects against double use of the same card on the same entrance). It allows you to block all passages at any time in the case of extraordinary events, and grant access to individual passages in real-time. In addition, the system allows you to change the operating mode of readers, swing gates with triodes, etc. from the visualization level. Possibility of double authorization, i. e.: card + PIN, card + operator's authorization after CCTV image verification.

The solution responsible for the security of a given facility is the intrusion detection system. It provides the protection of sensitive rooms with motion detectors, full visualization of the detectors and zones at the security post status, and securing access to special rooms, e. g. weapons depot, by assigning the requirement to enter two access codes. Additionally, the system enables full visualization of the detector's and protection zones' status and securing access to special rooms.

Effective security management is primarily collecting information of all events in one place. For this purpose, the C&C Partner's solution is dedicated to monitoring and managing all systems from one operator's position within one supervision center. The WinGuard system is PSIM + software.

The PSIM + software enables effective monitoring and management of security processes. It integrates various subsystems, incl. access control, intrusion detection, video surveillance, intercoms, parking management, working time records, or fire alarm. Thanks to the complex interface, it is possible to integrate any other system required by the investor.

Extensive incident reporting tools in the PSIM + software, provide the appropriate reporting of events, relevant information about the resources, and performance of individual systems. Adequate management of the accumulated knowledge translates into the possibility of optimal management of many facilities and ordering the procedures applicable in a given facility, which results in cost optimization. A perfect complement to the above solution is remote facility management, which allows you to manage the security of dispersed facilities, of a military unit from one place. The solution also allows for receiving alarm information from various locations and optimizes the procedures of alarm actions. Meanwhile, the full security of the transmitted data is maintained by advanced encryption protocols.