The railway infrastructure sector is associated with a number of requirements in the field of communication, safety, and alarm systems, where the delivered solutions must be reliable 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The multitude of events, a huge amount of transferred data and information, as well as dozens of people and equipment, are just some of the factors influencing the specificity of this area.

In order to increase the safety and efficiency of the railway infrastructure, C&C Partners, based on many years of experience, has adapted its solutions to the requirements of this area, taking into account the applicable regulations and the needs of customers - PKP PLK S. A. and PKP S.A. companies. The systems offered by C&C Partners support the management and work organization of railway services, as well as improve the safety of passengers and property, in railway facilities, what thanks to the latest technical solutions, provides optimization of operating costs. Our solutions can be implemented for individual facilities (stations, platforms, railway crossings) or as an integrated system for the entire railway line. The systems we install are responsible for safety and communication in the railway infrastructure, enabling modular expansion and interface for other, already operating devices.

At C&C Partners, we offer a wide range of technological solutions that allow meeting the challenges such as:

  • monitoring of road-railway crossings of category B (according to Ie - 111), 
  • station surveillance,
  • surveillance of platforms along railway lines (SMW in accordance with IPI-4),
  • communication for alarm or information purposes (SOS columns of the SPA system in accordance with IPI - 4),
  • remote closing and opening of railway stations,
  • safety management of many facilities: (stations, facilities on the railway line).

Safety within the railway infrastructure is accomplished by:


  • video surveillance integrated with intelligent image analysis
  • intercom communication system
  • access control system
  • intrusion detection system
  • parking management system


Monitoring and managing these systems, as well as the fire detection system installed in buildings, is extremely easy and accomplished by using the PSIM + physical security management software. That saves costs and reduces the workload.

The confirmation of the quality and appropriate adaptation of the offered solutions are completed deliveries and launching of systems, on among others:


  • Pomeranian Metropolitan Railway in Gdańsk Perimeter Line in Warsaw
  • Railway lines E65, E59, Lk405, Lk219, Lk354, E20
  • Railway stations in Lubliniec, Bydgoszcz, Tczew, Gdańsk Główny and many others.


One of the most important solutions that supports the daily operation of the railway infrastructure sector is the video surveillance system, and its functionalities. Those were developed in accordance with the specific requirements of the railway market. Customers from the railway market define their needs for surveillance systems by issuing their requirements in the form of guidance. In the case of video surveillance, these are, for example, IPI-4, Ie-111, or good practices. Additionally, the surveillance systems are extended by intelligent image analysis, which provides the identification of events, e.g. entering the tracks, signaling train entry, leaving luggage, wandering around, or recognizing license plate numbers.

Another advantage of the system is the possibility of monitoring people on the platform by side cameras of the vehicle and the train's route, by a track camera. Intelligent image analysis can count passengers, which translates into optimizing the usage of the rolling stock. On the other hand, the use of cameras and encoders with the possibility of connecting optical fiber cabling increases the system's resistance to failure.

Another important element that improves the everyday functioning of the railway infrastructure sector is the intercom communication system. As part of the IPI-4 guidelines, the requirements and operation of paging-alarm systems, commonly referred to as SOS systems, have been specified. They consist of SOS columns located on the platforms, which travelers can use when they need to call for help. The posts are equipped with a number of elements that adapt them to the needs of disabled people, including induction loops for communication with the hearing impaired, or subtitles in Braille.

In ticket offices, where glass walls create a sound barrier, modern communication solutions are necessary that will enable face-to-face conversation while maintaining personal protection and safety. The checkout intercoms are designed to provide a natural conversation experience. 

The sound quality up to 16 kHz ensures excellent speech intelligibility, even under the most difficult conditions (e.g., loud background noise). Automatic adaptation to the acoustic conditions of the environment and adjustable microphone sensitivity further improve the quality of the transmission.

Safety in railway infrastructure facilities is one of the crucial matters. Therefore, as part of the access control system, dedicated solutions have been developed that recognize the needs specific to this sector. The system allows you to control access to office rooms intended for guards, technical departments, and control room employees. It is possible to dynamically change the access rights to a specific zone in a given period of time. 

Another functionality is the location of train sets and the monitoring of their compliance with the timetable based on long-range RFID detectors. However, one of the most important features of the solution is securing the technical area from unauthorized access, thanks to authorization based on an access card in correlation with face analysis.

Another system responsible for the security of a given facility is the intrusion detection system. It ensures the detection of intruders by detectors in local and external rooms, along with notification to the security department about the alarm. Meanwhile, complete visualization of the detector's and zones status is available at the security post. Additionally, in order to discreetly signal robbery and theft, panic buttons are placed within the ticket offices.

As part of the protection of the external area, the C&C Partners solution provides full surveillance of the junctions, signal boxes, and other scattered facilities. The use of perimeter protection systems provides the monitoring of intrusions into the wagons and trains in currently out of service, and the detection of intruders in the designated area supported by intelligent image analysis.

Our comprehensive offer also includes a solution in the scope of parking management. It allows controlled access to the parking areas based on long-range readers or license plate analysis and management of the barrier from the central visualization level. Additionally, it is possible to limit the number of parking spaces for specific groups of users and to grant access to the car park for travelers in advance, based on the automatic recognition of license plates.

As part of the integration with third-party systems, C&C Partners provides integration with elevator control systems, fire alarm systems, key-management systems, and environmental conditions monitoring systems. Wide integration possibilities allow keeping working time records. The record of working time of employees, divided into specific groups, supports organizing special activities, such as private visits, medical appointments, etc. The C&C Partners solution also has an advanced reporting system and the option of integration with HR and payroll systems.

The environmental conditions monitoring system is an indispensable element of comprehensive process management in the railway infrastructure. It enables the reading and visualization of environmental conditions in the server room and technical cabinets along the entire railway line. The solution supports a wide range of gauges, including temperature, humidity, or flooding. The system also allows you to generate alarms in the case of critical conditions, e. g. too high temperature. The system allows automatic control of elements of other systems (e. g. switching on of fans).

Effective security management is primarily gathering information about all events in one place, e.g. LCS or CUiD. For that purpose, there is a designed solution to monitor and manage all systems by one operator from the supervisor center. The WinGuard system is a PSIM + class software used to manage security processes in public facilities.

The PSIM + software enables effective monitoring and management of security processes. It integrates various subsystems, incl. access control, intrusion detection, video surveillance, intercoms, parking, working time records, or fire alarm. Thanks to the complex interface, it is possible to integrate any system necessary for the investor. 

Extensive incident reporting tools in the PSIM + software, provide the appropriate reporting of events, relevant information about the resources, and performance of individual systems. Adequate management of the accumulated knowledge translates into the possibility of optimal management of many facilities and ordering the procedures applicable in the office building, which results in cost optimization.

A perfect complement to the above solution is the remote management of facilities, in particular the implementation of the remote closing and opening functions of railway stations. It enables managing individual facilities on the railway line by the Railway Security Guard or the Crisis Staff from a dozen dedicated workstations, located in the distance from a given railway line or from scattered surveillance centers. The functionality of mobile supervision centers developed by C&C Partners provides efficient management in emergency situations. On the other hand, a centralized point for managing communication and the safety of passengers and railway infrastructure improves the effectiveness of undertaken actions.