Professional technical advices from C&C Partners engineers

Technical consultation is a dedicated remote service, intended for business Partners, architects and designers, end customers and users of our systems. Consultations are conducted by our specialists from the Technical Department, providing access to the most specialized knowledge regarding telecommunications and building products and solutions offered by C&C Partners. Clients using technical consultations can:

  • broaden the knowledge of operating systems in the facility in use,
  • learn about the new functionalities of telecommunications and building systems implemented by C&C Partners in the latest software versions,
  • obtain advice on the modification or configuration of operating systems in a given facility,
  • obtain advice on the possibility of extending the systems and solutions used. 

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How to order technical consultations at C&C Partners?

The first step is to submit your inquiry to the Technical Department at Then, a C&C Partners specialist will analyze the content of the inquiry and provide an immediate response. Along with the message about the approved inquiry, you will receive a consultation date and a link to connect using the Zoom application. As part of the service, we guarantee the provision of information by our engineers who carry out the implementation and configuration of systems in the field of:

  • iProtect
  • VDG Sense
  • Commend
  • Alphatronics
  • PSIM

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