The medical sector including hospitals, laboratories, hospital pharmacies, nursing homes, and quarantine facilities, faces major challenges in terms of ensuring the convinence of patients and staff. In addition, in this market segment, there is often a need to reduce operating costs and increase the efficiency of work.

C&C Partners' many years of experience in the medical market and facing the challenges characteristic for this sector resulted in the flexible adaptation of our solutions to individual requirements and applicable regulations. The offered systems support the work of medical personnel and increase patient safety, simultaneously optimizing the costs of managing medical facilities. The proposed solutions can be implemented individually, or as an integrated safety and communication management system in medical facilities, guaranteeing modular expansion and open interface for other devices operating in medical facilities. This approach guarantees the security of the investment and provides the possibility for its further development over time.

We offer a wide range of technological solutions that allow meeting the challenges such as:

  • Voice communication
  • Minimizing the movement of unauthorized people in restricted areas
  • Protection of drug storage
  • Monitoring of specific and sensitive areas
  • Registration of guests and staff
  • Availability of reserved lanes and parking spaces for ambulances
  • Management of car park for guests

The safety of medical facilities is accomplished by:

  • Intercom communication system
  • Access control system
  • Integrated video surveillance with intelligent image analysis,
  • Intrusion detection system

Monitoring and managing these systems, as well as the fire detection system installed in buildings, is extremely easy and accomplished by using the PSIM + physical security management software. That saves costs and reduces the workload.

Communication in medical facilities is extremely important, so you should focus on reliable and high-quality solutions on the one hand, and innovative, on the other that will shorten the time and facilitate the information transfer. The proposed system of intercom communication with an integrated P.A. system is a solution that enables hands-free voice communication. Thanks to the application of special medical intercoms working in proximity to medical equipment, and establishing direct connections with mobile phones, the standard and security of communication in critical places, such as operating rooms, autopsy rooms, drug storages, and dispensaries is significantly increasing.

The proposed intercom system is a hygienic solution designed in accordance with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), a Hygienic Certificate issued by NIZP-PZH (National Institute of Public Health - National Institute of Hygiene). The TETRA transmission standard used in the intercom system allows communication at the stage of patient's transport, for example, it enables communication of medical personnel on duty in the hospital with helicopter's crew. The quality of the connection is crucial and plays a very important role in medical facilities.

Another important system's feature is audio-monitoring of patient's rooms from the level of the nurses' office and integration as well as interaction with call systems in the patient's toilets and with SOS points.

Security is also the control over who enters the facility or its separate parts. Solutions offered by C&C Partners include access control to operating rooms, wards, laboratories, and drug storages. The use of RFID technology, combined with image analysis provides quick and automatic verification of vehicles and employees inside the hospital. Another feature of the system is the monitoring of the flow of people in the hospital, and improvement of the evacuation process, during exercises or critical situations. As part of the access control, the user is authorized on the basis of a card, pin, or biometric feature. All features of the system provide comprehensive service for guests, through the option of preparing access cards for guests in advance, booking an appropriate number of parking spaces, and monitoring the movement of guests around the facility. It is also possible to control access to the luggage storage for visitors and patients, rooms with medical equipment, etc.

A perfect complement to the access control system is a room booking system, which enables efficient management over rooms, from the level of an intuitive interface. The offered system is scalable, with a limit for its expansion for additional rooms. The system allows you to connect an unlimited number of devices displaying information about the reservation. In addition, the system enables integration with the already functioning access control system and integration with, for example, an HR system, which facilitates the management of personal data.

Video surveillance of the facility is an indispensable element in ensuring the security of a medical facility. It provides visual surveillance of patients' rooms in the ICU area. Additionally, thanks to the monitoring of communication routes and emergency exits from the hospital, it increases the effectiveness of access control to the facility, video identification of people entering the wards, as well as detecting and counting people in selected rooms.

The surveillance functions are also used as part of the protection of the external area. Video surveillance is used in the area for the building's facade around main entrances and emergency exits. Video surveillance is supplemented by access control is used for important and critical rooms from the point of view of the facility's operation. The protection of the external area is provided by detection of movement around key objects, based on motion detectors or earth and fencing cables.

Another solution offered by C&C is an intrusion detection system. The system ensures detection and signaling an unauthorized entry to drug storage, laboratory, autopsy room, or other indicated room. Another feature is the automatic arming and disarming of security zones based on the planned schedule. Information about the alarm is sent to the security services and designated medical personnel. The entire system is managed from the level of visualization, keypads, or access control readers.

Comprehensive facility management also includes automation control. In this area, C&C Partners solutions enable management over the activation of elevator buttons from the readers of the access control system or program visualization, management of parking barriers, and automatic control of the air conditioning system from the level of access control readers and intruder alarm system manipulators. Such an approach is possible thanks to the applied integration between systems. As part of the cooperation between the systems, integration between the elevator control system, the fire alarm system, the key management system, and the environmental conditions monitoring system, is ensured.

Advanced building systems for the medical sector include monitoring of environmental conditions in special rooms, such as laboratories, and technical rooms in hospitals. The solution supports a wide range of gauges, including temperature, humidity, or flooding. The system also allows you to generate alarms in the case of critical conditions, e. g. too high temperature. The offer of C&C Partners also includes solutions that enable reading and visualizing weather conditions, such as: the temperature outside the buildings of the production plant, reading the thickness of snow cover on the roof, etc. There is also an option to control building elements (e. g.: windows and doors, roller shutters).

Our comprehensive offer also includes a solution in the scope of parking management. It allows control over access to parking lots for visitors and medical staff to provide an adequate number of places for disabled people. Access control in the car park is based on long-range readers or license plate recognition. Finally, communication with the concierge/reception desk is possible via the intercom system.

Effective security management is primarily gathering information about events from all systems in one place. For this purpose, the C&C Partners' solution is dedicated to monitoring and managing all systems from one operator's position within one supervision center.

PSIM + software

The WinGuard X4 system is a PSIM + class software used to manage the security processes. Thanks to technological openness, it has the ability to integrate with the previously used security systems, as well as with industrial systems, building automation, and communication systems. Extensive tools provide the appropriate reporting of events, relevant information about the resources, and performance of individual systems. Adequate management of the accumulated knowledge translates into the possibility of optimal management of many facilities and ordering the procedures applicable in a given facility, which results in cost optimization.