IT specialist, manager and graduate of the PWSZ in Legnica in the field of Computer Engineering - specialization "Networks and computer systems". A graduate of the Poznań University of Technology in the field of management and a graduate of the University of Economics in Poznań in the field of "Personal data protection and ICT security in business". Internal auditor of the information security management system according to PN-EN ISO / IEC 27001: 2017. He has been associated with C&C Partners since 2009. Technical Support Department Manager. He has been managing the company's key products since the beginning of his work. In 2009-2010 he was responsible for ADC Krone structured cabling, and from 2010 he was associated with the development of the portfolio of fiber optic solutions. Practitioner in the field of performing fiber optic measurements, blowing cables and welding optical fibers. He gained theoretical knowledge during engineering studies, specialist external training and everyday work with the product.



Since 2017, he has been involved in the design of FTTH solutions for residential buildings at Orange. He joined the C&C Partners team in May 2020 as a design specialist - he supports designers with his experience on a daily basis. Practitioner in the field of access control systems, intruder alarm systems, closed-circuit television and intercom communication. Privately, he is interested in music and everything connected with it. He is passionate about musical instruments, open to various genres of music. His strongest points are commitment to the tasks entrusted to him, willingness to constantly develop and high communication skills, which is undoubtedly reflected in the training he conducts.



An IT technician who, after a month of practice in our company, decided to join the team. Bartek is a young and ambitious person who is privately interested in the automotive industry, military and technological innovations. Currently, he is developing his Product Manager career in the field of development and promotion of the certified structural cabling system Multimedia Connect and the uncertified system SecurityNET as a product specialist in the Distribution and Export Department. Bartosz at C&C Partners has been working with building security systems for 2 years from the beginning. His strongest character traits are enormous commitment to the tasks entrusted to him, communication skills, the ability to work in a team and the desire to develop.



A graduate of the Master's degree in Automation and Robotics at the Poznań University of Technology. During his engineering studies, he started an internship at C&C Partners, thanks to which he got to know the systems included in the offer at this stage. During his professional career at C&C, he acquired practical knowledge during the implementation of individual systems for smaller, large and very large projects. He has completed countless engineering, design and installation trainings. The level of his knowledge is constantly raised through numerous technical trainings carried out by the producers of our solutions, which are confirmed by numerous certificates. Currently, he is the head of the implementation department, which performs many non-standard functions of individual systems.



He has been working for C&C for over 14 years. As befits an engineer and a graduate of the Wrocław University of Technology in the field of Electronics, from the beginning of his work he is responsible for the technical implementation of solutions offered by C&C, in particular security systems. From 2012, he was the head of the Implementation Department, and from 2019, the manager of the new Support and Service Department. He gained his practical skills by participating in many trainings, but most of all during a huge number of implementations of very different projects in the country and abroad. He is an expert in the field of KD, SSWiN, CCTV systems, as well as intercom and VoIP. At present, he likes to share his knowledge with clients by providing technical support services, as well as conducting advanced training in the field of security systems.



Associated with the low-voltage market since 2007. Specialist - practitioner in the field of closed-circuit television systems, access control, intruder alarm systems and intercom communication. She supports designers with her experience on a daily basis. He participated in such projects as: implementation of monitoring at the Municipal Stadium in Krakow (Wisła Kraków), implementation of security systems for the Wrocław University of Technology, voice communication system for tunnels in Laliki, Katowice and Gliwice.



Master of Science in Industrial Electronics and Computer Science - Distributed Systems. Perfectly suited to the selection of technical solutions and configuration of telecommunications networks in the field of services: copper networks - POTS, ISDN, SDH, x-DSL, optical networks - P2P, x-PON, WDM, D-WDM, CCTV and implementation of IP systems TV. Robert is one of the most experienced and longest-serving C&C employees. He has been associated with our company since 1992. His professional experience dates back to 1986, when he serviced and configured industrial electronics, and then electronic solutions for telecommunications. From November 1992, he actively participated in the technical support for the design, construction and implementation of a copper telecommunications network for the largest operators in Poland. In the years 1999-2015 he supported the design, technical and implementation of fiber optic solutions for operators such as: Orange S.A., Dialog S.A., Netia S.A., PTK Centertel Sp. z o.o., Sprint Sp. z o.o., Emitel, Polkomtel. The years 2006-2015 passed him with active participation in the development of a feasibility study, and then technical support: design, construction and solving technical problems during the implementation of Dolnośląska, Wielkopolska, Małopolska, Pomorska, Mazowiecka, Warmińsko-Mazurska and Podlasie Fiber Network. However, from 2015 until today, it actively supports the technical construction of FTTH networks in x-PON technologies for the single-family ground-based, ADSS overhead and multi-family x-Treme Flex versions.



He has been working at C&C Partners since January 2015. Currently as a service specialist in the support and service department. An IT engineer by education, specializing in the design and management of telecommunications networks. Adam's interests include IT, new technologies, sport and automotive. Customer support and new technical challenges are the driving force behind his daily work.




An IT technician by education, a programmer by passion. He has been associated with C&C Partners for over 3 years. He spent these years implementing and servicing security systems: iProtect, VDG Sense, Commend, ParkAssist. Currently a service specialist and chief technician of fire systems. He fulfills himself as a trainer during numerous trainings in the field of security systems, including access control and fire alarm systems. Creator of software operating for several clients (integrations) and applications supporting work with systems from the company's offer. He has been working with servers for over 10 years and has a proven track record of launching many websites, data processing and storage systems, co-creating and maintaining the VPS network, and thousands of hours spent on programming services.



He skillfully shares his knowledge by conducting trainings and workshops, during which participants appreciate the level of his knowledge and excellent skills of transferring it. He has been associated with C&C Partners since 2008. He started his career as an implementation and service specialist, then developed as a product manager, and currently serves as a department manager. He has accumulated considerable experience while working in the security systems industry in the field of PSIM, SMS, KD, SSWiN, VoIP, Intercom, VMS, CCTV, SSP, DSO systems. He had the pleasure to implement and integrate security systems in numerous projects both in Poland and abroad. He designed security systems, co-led programming projects, and wrote, sold and implemented applications he wrote. In addition, he supervises the introduction of new products to the company's portfolio on an ongoing basis and remains in direct contact with foreign suppliers.



He has been associated with C&C Partners since 2008. He started his career as an implementation and service specialist, currently he is a product manager. He has several years of experience in the security systems industry and practice with PSIM, SMS, KD, SSWiN, VoIP, Intercom, VMS, CCTV, SSP, DSO systems. He implemented and integrated security systems in many projects, both in Poland and abroad. He has designed security systems, introducing new products / solutions to the C&C offer, and managing programming projects. He wrote some of his own applications that were sold and implemented on the Polish market. For many years, he has been sharing his vast knowledge during trainings and workshops.



An energetic, enthusiastic implementation specialist who has been associated with C&C Partners since 2016. He has been working in the IT industry for 15 years, constantly expanding his knowledge. Currently, he is responsible for the implementation of IT systems in the areas of building security. He likes to share his knowledge during training sessions, and his specialization is CCTV, KD, SSWiN, PSIM systems and parking systems.




A graduate of the State Higher Vocational School in Leszno with the title of engineer in the field of Electrical Engineering with Technical Informatics. Professionally associated with C&C Partners for 15 years. He participated in many interesting ventures and projects, incl. in the implementation of the first IP CCTV system in Poland as part of the stadium preparations for Euro 2012. Other achievements include the development of personalized intercom stations used for voice communication in submarines and special rail vehicles. One of Jakub's last challenges was the implementation of the Detnov Fire Signaling System to the C&C offer. As part of this task, he participated in an industry course organized by CNBOP-PIB. Privately, a sailing enthusiast with the rank of sea helmsman. Currently, as part of improving managerial competences, he is a student of Executive MBA studies at the University of Economics in Poznań.



Associated with the low-voltage market since 2006. For the first years, he gained experience in the design and implementation department of the Gdańsk Forge of Talents Ostoya Data System. In C&C since 2012 as a project specialist. A practitioner in the field of designing CCTV systems, access control, intruder alarm systems and intercom communication. Every day supporting designers with his experience. He participated in such projects as: Integrated Security Systems of the Pomeranian Metropolitan Railway; Invasive Medicine Center; security systems for the University of Gdańsk - faculties of Modern Languages; Biotechnology and Computer Science.