Oil rigs, refineries, oil and fuel storage facilities, industrial facilities, gas plants - in such extremely difficult environments, high-quality systems are required that reliably increase the efficiency of production processes, ensure safety, enable immediate response in critical moments and uninterrupted information flow. Each installation must be adapted to the specific conditions specific to this industry.

In order to increase the safety and efficiency of industrial facilities, C&C Partners, based on many years of experience, has adapted its solutions to the specificity of this area, taking into account the applicable regulations and customer requirements. The systems provided by C&C Partners support facility management and work organization, as well as increase the safety of employees and property in industrial areas and facilities, which, using the latest technical solutions, ensures optimization of operating costs.

We can implement the offered systems for individual facilities or as an integrated system. The solutions we implement are responsible for security and communication in industrial facilities, enabling modular expansion and interfaces for other, already operating devices.

At C&C Partners, we offer a wide range of technological solutions that allow you to:

  • detection of people in no-go zones - danger zones, 
  • ensuring reliable communication in sensitive areas of the plant using,
  • EX intercoms adapted to work in extreme conditions (explosion hazards, extreme temperature levels),
  • video monitoring of the area of the external production plant,
  • remote opening of gates and locks,
  • access control to sensitive places, 
  • management and supervision of the evacuation of employees. 

Security within industrial facilities is achieved by means of:

  • intercom communication system
  • integrated video monitoring with intelligent image analysis, 
  • access control system,
  • intrusion decetion system,
  • parking system. 

Monitoring and management of these systems, as well as of the fire detection systems installed in the buildings, is carried out using the PSIM + physical safety management software. This saves costs and reduces the workload.

Devices used in industrial facilities must not only be reliable or resistant to mechanical damage, but also resistant to weather conditions and potentially explosive zones - they must also meet the applicable standards. When workers have to wear protective clothing, helmets or headphones, the communication system has to cope with the tough conditions in the facility. EX intercom stations for hazardous areas are resistant to extreme temperatures, moisture and dirt. Providing understandable voice transmission even in rooms with high noise levels up to 95dB. The large intercom panel is equipped with buttons for easy operation with protective gloves.

The EX intercoms ensure reliable transmission of information in sensitive places of the production plant (entrances to the external premises of the plant, selected rooms and parking lots). Another advantage of the system is intercom communication on production lines, which enables supervision and voice commands of the dispatcher. The system enables voice communication and receipt of alarm notifications also in laboratories. The hands-free communication system can be operated by the user without hands. It is resistant to disinfectants. The solution provides support for the disabled and broadcasting messages at emergency muster points. SOS columns can have built-in first aid kits and defibrillators.

As part of the facility's visual monitoring system with automatic image analysis, we provide monitoring of the area of the external production plant, production hall, communication routes and key office rooms. Cameras designed for EX zones are supplied in stainless steel housings. Built-in, intelligent algorithms analyze the image, alerting security personnel, including about detecting movement, staying in a forbidden zone, etc.

The monitoring functions are also used as part of the protection of the external area. It allows for full monitoring of the area of the external production plant and video recording of intrusions using perimeter protection systems using fencing cables, ground cables or microwave barriers with a range of up to 500 m. The external area protection system is integrated with the video monitoring system.

Access to buildings, rooms as well as office and production areas is possible thanks to the access control system. It allows for constant monitoring of the flow of people and materials on the premises of an industrial facility and the organization of key instructions. The electronic components of the readers are flooded with resin, which protects them against external readers (IP64). The advantage of the system is also its flexible expansion with new rooms or buildings. A perfect complement to this solution is the option of comprehensive guest service through the function of pre-preparing access cards, booking an appropriate number of parking spaces and monitoring the movement of people around the facility.

The Unii itrusion detection system enables signaling of unauthorized entry to the facilities of a production plant or detecting people in no-go zones - dangerous zones. Another functionality is the automatic arming and disarming of security zones based on the planned schedule. However, the entire system is managed from the level of visualization, keyboards or access control readers.

Advanced building systems for the industrial sector also include monitoring of environmental conditions in special rooms, such as: production halls and server rooms. The solution supports a wide range of meters, including temperature, humidity and flooding. The system also allows you to generate alarms in the case of conditions identified as critical, e.g. too high temperature. The system also enables automatic control of elements of other systems (e.g. switching on fans).

The offer of C&C Partners also includes solutions that allow for reading and visualization of weather conditions, such as: temperature outside the buildings of the production plant, reading the thickness of snow cover on the roof of the hall, etc. There is also an option to control building elements (e.g. windows and doors, roller blinds).

The solution in the area of parking management allows you to manage access to the parking lot and limit the number of available spaces for individual user groups (management, employees, etc.). Access control in the car park is based on long-range readers or license plate analysis. However, communication with the concierge is possible via an intercom system.

The C&C Partners solution provides for integration with the elevator control system, fire alarm system, key management system and environmental conditions monitoring system. Due to the wide integration possibilities of our solutions, it is possible to effectively record working time. The system of recording the working time of employees enables support for special activities, such as private visits, visits to a doctor, etc. The solution also has an advanced system for generating reports and an option of integration with HR and payroll systems.

Effective security management is primarily gathering information about events from all systems in one place. This is what C&C Partners solution dedicated to monitoring and managing all systems from one operator's position within the supervision center.