The Guido Mine is a tourist facility unique on a European scale, where you can go to the underground using an original shoal and experience what the work of miners looked like and still looks like. Nearly 5 km of tourist trails in post-mining corridors await tourists. And all this up to 355 meters below the streets of Zabrze. In order to be able to increase the safety and efficiency of the museum's operation, C&C Partners, based on many years of experience, adapted a number of solutions to the specificity of the four facilities that make up the museum, taking into account the applicable regulations.

Innovative Video Management System

One of the basic systems that improve safety in the Guido Mine is a video monitoring system adapted to the specificity of the facility. Thanks to the VMS video management software, it is possible to record and analyze images from cameras located throughout the mine The key feature of video monitoring is openness to many manufacturers of cameras, both analog and IP.

Effective intrusion detection system 

The alarm system informing about unauthorized entries to selected rooms allows for automatic arming and disarming of security zones based on the planned operation schedule of the facility. Alarm information is sent to the security services. On the other hand, the entire system is managed from the level of visualization in the monitoring center.

Access control system

Another system ensuring security in the Guido Mine is the access control that enables management of access to administrative rooms. The integration of access control with the key depository allows you to easily manage key authorizations from a single system.

Security management from one place

Effective security management is primarily about collecting information from all events in one place. This is the purpose of the iProtect (SMS) solution dedicated to monitoring and managing all systems from one operator's station within one supervision center. In the case of mines, the system integrates various subsystems, e.g. access control, alarm system, video monitoring. What's more, the implemented solution, thanks to extensive interfaces, enabled integration with third-party systems. In the case of a mine, a fire alarm system and a key management system.


The systems delivered to the Guido Mine support the work and increase the safety of both visitors and technical staff. They ensure the protection and functionality of the museum, while optimizing the costs associated with their management. The introduction of an integrated security management system guarantees modular expansion and open interfaces for other devices operating on the premises. This approach ensures the safety of the investment and the possibility of its expansion over time.

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