Warszawa Główna - a historic station, which not so long ago after 24 years returned to the railway map of Poland. In the past, it was a "window to the world" for the capital, before this role was taken over by the Central Railway Station. Railway workers brought the station back to life to relieve the other railway stations in the capital.

A modern video surveillance system from C&C Partners

As part of the investment, we provided a video surveillance system covering the Warszawa Główna Osobowa station with supervision from the nearest signal box. The monitoring system covers platforms and access to them, including a footbridge connecting two districts of Warsaw. Additionally, the scope includes securing the control room building with a monitoring system. The entire investment was made based on the requirements based on the IPI-4 instruction.

We have provided a video surveillance system to the Main Railway Station, which consists of:

  • Camers from TKH Security
  • Operator stations also from TKH Security
  • VMS VDG Sense platform with image analysis
  • Structured cabling from Multimedia Connect
  • Servers from DELL
  • Monitors from NEC

Thanks to video msurveillance system using the latest algorithms for intelligent image analysis, it is possible to automatically verify, among others:

  • left luggage,
  • track entrances,
  • train entry,
  • camera tampering,
  • the presence of the object in the zone over the set time.

Other functions of the video surveillance system are:

  • image recording, including ripping video material from memory cards from cameras,
  • maintenance of the NBD server part with particular attention to the required "keep your disk" function.

The system increases the efficiency in handling the observed images from the cameras. Thus, the combination of the effectiveness of technology and the decision-making power of a human being - an experienced monitoring center operator - is a synergistic and optimal solution.

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