The factory in Płock, which produces New Holland agricultural machinery, plays a key role in the agricultural sector. The plant in Płock has been producing harvesters and agricultural equipment for over 20 years, being one of the pillars of agriculture in Poland and influencing the development of the region - in the context of investments and employment.

New Holland, as the only brand in the industry, has a combine factory located in Poland. Together with the integrator - DataNet, which is responsible for most of the IT systems in the New Holland plant in Płock, we have implemented the VDG Sense video monitoring and analysis system with Hanwha cameras and a perimeter security system based on Opgal thermal imaging cameras.

Investor: CNH Industrial
Integrator: DataNet
Technology supplier: C&C Partners

Security management systems

  • 70 camers: CCTV Hanwha
  • 1 platform VMS CCTV with smart image analysisVDG Sense
  • 9 termovision cameras: Opgal

Video monitoring system with image analysis from C&C Partners used in the factory

The external area of the production plant has been covered by the monitoring system. The image from the cameras is recorded, analyzed and managed by advanced software. The programming environment used guarantees a high level of operator ergonomics, stability of operation, while ensuring high efficiency of video processing. All this translates into the high efficiency of the video monitoring system used along with the available image analysis option

Virtual perimeter protection

Installed around the perimeter of the production plant, thermal imaging cameras from Israeli manufacturer Opgal allow you to monitor a vast area with 9 devices. This is a much smaller number of cameras compared to the number necessary to use in the case of alternative, traditional CCTV solutions. Virtual perimeter protection technology enables security operators to detect threats from long distances. Provides alerts when a perimeter is breached or unauthorized persons are present in restricted areas. Safe thermal imaging combined with analysis is designed to ensure a low rate of false positives


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