Nowadays, logistics is a key element for the functioning of a business. Modern warehouses are designed to optimize the quantity and quality of storing products. Enterprises, in pursuit of lower operating costs and increasing their efficiency, focus on modeling correctly logistic processes. In many areas, human work is being replaced by modern technology, which increases the efficiency of operations, shortens the time of information flow, and effectively ensures the safety of people, property, and logistic processes.

In order to improve the security and efficiency of logistics centers, C&C Partners, basing on many years of experience gained not only in Poland but also thanks to international projects, adapted solutions to the nature of this sector, taking into account the applicable regulations and customer requirements. The systems offered by C&C Partners support the management of facilities, processes, and organization of work, as well as increase the safety of employees and property in logistics areas and facilities, which, by using the latest technical solutions, provides optimization of operating costs.

We can implement the offered systems to individual facilities or as an integrated system, even when the facilities are located in different locations, both in Poland and abroad. Centralization of management ensures the introduction of uniform processes in all facilities. The systems we implement are responsible for security and communication in logistic facilities, enabling modular expansion and interfaces for other, already operating devices.

At C&C Partners, we offer a wide range of technological solutions that provide:

  • detection of people in no-go zones - danger zones, 
  • ensure reliable communication in sensitive areas of the facility by using, EX intercoms adapted to work in extreme conditions (explosion hazards, extreme temperature levels),
  • video surveillance of the area around the production facility,
  • remote opening of gates and locks,
  • access control to sensitive places, 
  • management of the traffic of trucks and vans, 
  • management and supervision of the evacuation of employees. 

Security within logistic facilities is realized by means of:

  • intercom communication system
  • integrated video surveillance with intelligent image analysis, 
  • an access control system,
  • the intrusion detection system,
  • parking management system.

Monitoring and managing these systems, as well as the fire detection system installed in buildings, is extremely easy and accomplished by using the PSIM + physical security management software. That saves costs and reduces the workload.

A large number of people and goods every day requires efficient and reliable communication. C&C Partners has developed an intercom communication and radio system that fully meets these requirements. The solution enables the broadcasting of multiple messages dedicated to a specific hall or background music. On the other hand, industrial wall and desktop intercom stations are suited to harsh environmental conditions. Additionally, integration with the telephone exchange and mobile devices is foreseen.

Thanks to the access control system, we have control over access to individual rooms or buildings in the logistics center. Another feature of the solution is the dynamic change of access rights to a specific zone in a given period of time. Additionally, it is possible to flexibly expand the access control system to additional rooms or buildings. On the other hand, the use of RFID technology and long-range readers allows you to accelerate the entry process for vehicles, or track parcels and containers.

Another building system that improves security in the logistics sector facilities and improves logistics processes is the video surveillance system with intelligent image analysis. As part of this system, we provide video surveillance of the facility and its external area. Advanced solutions developed by C&C Partners specialists enable the live observation of high-quality images, by an employee of security services, and the application of image analysis algorithms, including face, license plates, or container signatures recognition.

A dedicated functionality for logistics is also visual tracking of the cargo preparation process, e. g. by synchronizing cameras with the code readers system. Furthermore, the safety of the record is ensured by hardware redundancy. 

The monitoring functions are also used for the protection of the external area. It provides complete surveillance of the external area around the logistics center and video recording of intrusions by perimeter protection systems that include fence cables, ground cables, or microwave barriers. The external area protection system is integrated with the CCTV system and intrusion detection by visual image analysis. The solution also enables the integration with long-range cameras (including thermal imaging).

Controlling the traffic of vehicles entering a given area takes place, depending upon the level of advancement, through the access control system, the LPR license plate recognition system, or recognition of side numbers of trailers or containers. Management of delivery notifications allows you to register visits, their time, and access areas to the appropriate zones in the logistics center. Delivery notification enables suppliers or carriers to log in through a web browser (via www) and book a free date in a selected warehouse dock by the notification system.

The system that is strictly responsible for the security of a given facility is the intrusion detection system. It ensures the detection of intruders by appropriate detectors and passing information about the alarm to the security department. Another feature is the automatic arming and disarming of security zones based on the planned schedule. The entire system is managed from the level of visualization, keypads, or access control readers.

BB LEDlightpipe is used for illuminating large warehouse spaces by a continuous line of light, creating gentle and glare-free working conditions. Luminaires using modular LED technology, implemented in tubes covered with prismatic foil, increase the efficiency of the light beam and reduce electricity consumption and related costs by a least 40%.

The use of intelligent motion sensors allows you to reduce the light intensity after a defined period of inactivity. Thanks to this configuration, the service life can reach up to 10 years, while for light sources with classic fittings it is only 3 years. 

The lower level of electricity consumption results in the reduction of CO2 emissions. Furthermore, the idea of ​​"cradle to cradle", also known as "circular economy", the product life cycle involves the use of waste in the next manufacturing process.

Advanced building systems for logistics centers offered by C&C Partners also include monitoring of environmental conditions in special rooms, such as warehouses and server rooms. The solution supports a wide range of gauges, including temperature, humidity, or flooding. The system also allows you to generate alarms in the case of critical conditions, e. g. too high temperature. The system allows automatic control of elements of other systems (e. g. switching on of fans).

The offer of C&C Partners also includes solutions that enable reading and visualizing weather conditions, such as: reading the thickness of snow cover on the roof of the hall, etc. There is also an option to control building elements (e. g.: windows and doors, shutters).

The parking management solution allows you to manage access to the car park and limit the number of available spaces for individual groups of users (management, employees, guests, etc.). Access control to the car park is based on long-range readers or license plate analysis. Finally, communication with the concierge/reception desk is possible via the intercom system.

The C&C Partners solution provides a possibility for integration with a fire alarm system, key management system, or environmental conditions monitoring system. Thanks to the wide integration possibilities of C&C Partners solutions, it is possible to effectively record and supervise the working time of employees. The record of the working time of employees supports organizing special activities, such as private visits, medical appointments, etc. The C&C Partners solution also has an advanced reporting system and the option of integration with HR and payroll systems.

Effective security management is primarily gathering information from all events in one place. For this purpose, the C&C Partners' solution is dedicated to monitoring and managing all systems from one operator's position within one supervision center. 

One of the solutions that enable the development of a secure logistics infrastructure is the PSIM + platform based on artificial intelligence algorithms, which supports the daily work of CCTV operators by automatic detection of incidents. These algorithms analyze the image from the cameras on an ongoing basis, and in the event of detecting predefined events, they immediately send notifications to the operator. In practice, it contributes to increasing the effectiveness of surveillance in detecting and preventing undesirable incidents. Data can be accessed both in real-time and post-factum. The use of algorithms supports or replaces the operator's work. Thanks to the complex interface, it is possible to integrate any other system investor needs.