Tarczyński Arena Wrocław is a modern sports and recreation facility equipped with places for 45,100 people. In addition to the fact that the WKS Śląsk Wrocław team plays its football matches, sports events and concerts of the world's greatest music stars are organized at the stadium. The stadium was opened in September 2011. At the end of 2021, it gained a titular sponsor and changed its name to Tarczyński Arena Wrocław.

Security of mass events

Sports facilities are places visited by thousands of people. Therefore, guaranteeing safety in stadiums is a huge challenge. Mass events, such as matches or concerts, generate a high risk of acts of aggression or vandalism, fires and riots. Such situations require effective security management supported by security systems.

How did we respond to the investor's needs?

To increase the safety and efficiency of the stadium, C&C Partners engineers, based on many years of experience, adapted a number of solutions to the specificity of the facility, taking into account the applicable regulations. The solutions provided support the work and increase the safety of both guests and technical staff, athletes and artists. They ensure the protection and functionality of the Wrocław stadium, while optimizing the costs associated with its management. The specificity of the systems and open interfaces for other devices operating in the facility guarantee the possibility of modular expansion and integration with third-party systems. This approach ensures the safety of the investment and the possibility of its expansion over time.

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Intercom communication


Communication during mass events is extremely important, so it is worth focusing on solutions with proven quality on the one hand, and innovative ones on the other, which shorten the time and facilitate the exchange of information. Smart SOS posts placed in the stands, thanks to the emergency button, enable voice communication of guests with the operator of the security system. As a result, they allow for intervention and first aid as well as providing messages to participants of cultural or sports events.

Offices, passageways, toilets

At the back of the stands, four small office buildings have been built, which generate additional profit. C&C Partners has implemented an intercom communication system that ensures voice communication in the offices and corridors of the facility and the broadcasting of collective and individual announcements or background music. An important advantage of the system is the ability to communicate with information points in the office building. In addition, intercoms located in toilets for the disabled serve as a paging system.


The intercom communication system located in 3 car parks, including one multi-storey car park, makes it possible to establish a conversation with the car park operator before entering the facility and to send collective, individual or emergency messages (SOS emergency call).

Controlled access to the building

Thanks to the readers located at the main entrances, it is possible to control the access of employees to office buildings. The solution allows you to track the flow of people. The advantage of the system is the possibility of flexible expansion of the access control system with additional rooms or buildings.

Camera image management

Another system that improves the safety of the stadium is the video monitoring system of the facility. As part of this system, thanks to the VMS video management software, it is possible to record and analyze images from cameras located throughout the stadium. The key feature of video monitoring is openness to many manufacturers of cameras, both analog and IP. Thanks to this, the VDG Sense platform performs tasks in the field of video protection and intelligent image analysis, and can be implemented in any system. Thanks to such flexibility, VDG Sense is one of the most advanced VMS software on the market.

Security systems

Commend intercom system

  • model EE900A - offices
  • model OD10 – offices
  • OD5 model - offices
  • ID5 desktop model [with and without handset] - offices
  • model ET808A - lifts
  • model ET908A - car parks
  • model WS200 SOS - stands
  • model WS210 - toilets for the disabled
  • S6 server with VirtuoSIS software
  • GE800 server iProtect


Access control system

  • TKH Security server
  • operator's station
  • Pluto, Orion controllers


  • TKH Security cameras
  • TKH Security server
  • operator's station

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