The Pomeranian Metropolitan Railway (PKM) is the first railway line in Poland built from scratch in almost 40 years. It is also the first line in our country built not by PKP, but by the provincial government. It consists of 18 kilometers of completely new railway infrastructure along the route of the pre-war Kokoszków Railway, with 8 stops. PKM connects Gdańsk and Gdynia with the Port Lotniczy im. Lech Wałęsa, helping residents of many peripheral districts to reach school, work or entertainment faster and more safely. It can be said without exaggeration that it is a revolution in public transport in the Tri-City, which marked the development of the agglomeration along the PKM infrastructure.

Functional assumptions of the security systems used

The project of building the Pomeranian Metropolitan Railway was a very big challenge due to the complexity of the systems, their dispersion and the requirement to integrate them into the LCS management center. The project assumed the creation of a coherent Safety Management System (SMS) for the Pomeranian Metropolitan Railway, allowing the control and management of all systems (except for the fire alarm system, which was only supposed to be visualized) from the level of common visualization. The idea of the Integrated Security System assumed integration within one system:

  • Access Control System 
  • Intrusion Detection System
  • CCTV IP video surveilance system with advanced image analysis
  • Intercom system
  • Fire alarm system (visualization)
  • Key depository
  • Environmental monitoring

All elements of the installed Integrated Security System use the TCP / IP network for communication. Thanks to this, it was possible to integrate such a highly distributed system.

Elements of security systems used by C&C Partners in the Pomeranian Metropolitan Railway project

Safety management system (SMS):

  • iProtect SMS Platform 
  • Access control system with Sirius readers and sector card programmer
  • Alphatronics Intrusion detection system
  • VMS Platform CCTV with smart image analysis – VDG Sense
  • Commend intercom system with SOS posts integrated with the telephone exchange

Native integrations within SMS:

  • VMS CCTV platform with intelligent image analysis - VDG Sense
  • IProtect platform from Access Control System
  • Commend intercom system
  • The Intrusion Detection System Alphatronics
  • Registration of work time system

Other integrations:

  • Fire protection system
  • Safe Key depository
  • Lab-EL environmental monitoring

Security network:

  • LAN network for MMC security needs with a 25-year warranty
  • Fiber optic cabling on the railway line with a 25-year warranty
  • Fiber optic cabling for fiber optic connections to cameras with a 25-year warranty

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