In September 2021, at the University of Applied Sciences Jana Grodek in Sanok, the Medical Simulation Center (CSM) was put into operation - one of the most modern educational facilities. The established Medical Simulation Center will meet the needs of educating 400 students in the field of nursing and medical emergency. In addition, the university has increased its capacity to accommodate students and teaching staff. The Medical Simulation Center consists of simulation rooms, an ambulance simulator equipped with the latest medical equipment, and virtual patients for training purposes.

Advanced security systems in PWSZ buildings

The concept of "state-of-the-art" and "virtual" also refers to the integrated security system used in the facility, which uses access control and video surveillance systems operating in a virtual environment, as well as an intrusion detection system and intercom communication.

Implemented systems:

  • Access control system 
  • Video surveillance system
  • Intrusion detection system
  • Intercom system
  • Visualization and integrating system

Building systems implemented by C&C Partners

Access control system

Safety in the PWSZ in Sanok includes control of people admitted to the facility or its separate parts, as well as to the parking lot. Restricting access to the university premises and the building during off-class hours allows for constant monitoring of the flow of people using the residential part of the building. The advantages of the access control system for education include the possibility of flexible expansion of the system with additional rooms.

Video surveillance system

Another building system that improves security in CSM is the video surveillance system of the facility. As part of the video monitoring system, the external area, communication routes and key rooms in the building are monitored. On the other hand, the advanced solutions developed by C&C Partners specialists allow for the observation of high-quality images "live" by a security officer.

The monitoring functions are also used as part of the protection of the external area. It allows for full monitoring of the external area of ​​the university and video recording of all unauthorized intrusions into the premises of the facility.

Intrusion detection system

It enables signaling of unauthorized entry to the facility, as well as visualization due to the connection of the signaling system with the video surveillance system.

Another functionality within the CSM is the automatic arming and disarming of security zones based on the planned schedule. The system is managed from the visualization level shown on the monitor. As a result, the status of all detectors and designated zones as well as their states are visualized in the supervision center.

Intercom system and voice communication

C&C Partners has delivered an intercom to the building, which ensures reliable transmission of information in a sensitive place, which is the entrance to the university premises. The installed intercom solution is integrated with the university's telephony system and cameras. This solution enables effective communication and verification of people who want to enter the university.

Security management from one dashboard

The implemented iProtect system is software for the management of security processes in the PWSZ facility. It allows you to control all university security systems within one supervision center.

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