Photovoltaic farms are basically maintenance-free and automated facilities. They have little in common with traditional power plants, but they generate electricity and therefore, like them, require special protection and safeguards.

Will traditional alarm systems work in such places?

The specificity of photovoltaic power plants excludes the possibility of making alarm installations based on the traditional intrusion detection system. Due to its location, lack of appropriate infrastructure and, as a rule, remoteness from other facilities, physical protection is also not an option.

So what solution will be appropriate?
Comprehensive protection of farms consists in the use of solutions enabling remote supervision and control of investment security:

Proven technologies of video monitoring TKH Security supports thermal vision with a range of up to 400 m. The system independently detects every object approaching the fence, allows to identify it and eliminate "false alarms". Commend loudspeaker tubes enable the transmission of voice messages to deter potential intruders. The correct operation of measuring and executive devices is monitored and reported on an ongoing basis. All information from the installed systems is sent to the superior PSIM system, which also combines data from other sensors or systems, ensuring the protection of the facility based on a tailored response and procedure scenario. The management of these systems takes place from one place and is supervised by the operator 24/7.

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