Wrocław, as the capital of Lower Silesia, has one of the best concert halls in Europe! The incredible, monumental building has three underground and six above-ground floors. Its acoustics match the most prestigious concert halls in the world. The facade of the building resembles the resonance box of a stringed instrument.

The interior of the NFM also makes a stunning impression. The high and spacious foyer is surrounded by ramps of rounded stairs. The combination of white contrasting with the black of the floor and walls brings to mind a piano keyboard. The building in Wrocław houses four concert halls, which together can accommodate over 2.5 thousand people. viewers. The NFM can be considered a true architectural icon, comparable to opera and philharmonic buildings around the world, from Sydney to Szczecin.

Investor: Wrocławskie Inwestycje
Integrator: Nexus
General contractor: PFI Future
Technology provider: C&C Partners

Applied elements of safety management systems:

  • SMS iProtect security management system from TKH Security
  • 220 CCTV cameras
  • 7 VDG Sense servers
  • 70 access control system readers
  • Alphatonics burglary and assault alarm system

Security provided by C&C Partners

Safety is crucial for such a monumental facility that attracts crowds of visitors. NFM is equipped with innovative and advanced technological solutions from C&C Partners, thanks to which you can ensure the safety of guests and employees of this spectacular facility.

Advanced video surveillance with intelligent image analysis from C&C Partners

VMS video management software, which is the heart of every advanced CCTV video monitoring system, is used for image recording and analysis. As a manufacturer based on the experience of the TKH Holding, we are constantly developing the advanced VDG Sense video management platform to meet the growing requirements of the most prestigious and complex video security systems and intelligent image analysis around the world

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Itrusion detection system

The burglary and assault alarm system is the basic security solution used by most modern facilities. The solution from C&C Partners is characterized by a modular structure, which allows the alarm system to be adapted to current and future customer expectations.

Tailor-made access control

Access control is a key security system that limits the ability of unauthorized persons to move freely around the facility. The access control system we provide, created within the TKH Group holding, is based on the iProtect platform, which enables remote management of the security of facilities and people.

The implemented integration interface between the SMS (Security Management System) iProtect system and the SSP (Fire Alarm System) Schrack-Seconet enables the transfer of information from the SSP system to the SMS system in real time. Thanks to this, there is one platform for visualization and alarm handling for fire and security systems in the facility.

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