Tattile cameras conquer Europe!

The @Tattile Smart 2HD cameras play a key role in traffic management projects in two European countries, Slovenia and Spain.


Kamery Tattile stają się kluczowe dla projektów infrastrukturalnych w Europie Zachodniej i Południowej

The Slovenian electronic vignette system, EVinjeta, was introduced in March this year for vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes, replacing the vignette sticker affixed to the windshield. Users enter the vehicle registration number and country of registration, and the fee is charged for the period of validity selected when purchasing. Payment is enforced using 20 Tattile Smart 2HD cameras, installed on a tripod and positioned at the side of the road, mobile when needed.
Cameras read the license plates of all passing vehicles, thanks to which the Slovenian electronic toll collection system will identify vehicles that have not purchased the e-vignette and will impose an appropriate fine on them.


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Tattile cameras track traffic on Spanish roads

In Spain, on the other hand, Tattile won a Basque government tender for the installation of 2D smart cameras along the main roads in the region. Authorities plan to collect traffic flow statistics, including an origin / destination matrix, to get an idea of how and where vehicles are moving in a given area. The information will be used to optimize the traffic flow during peak hours and implement real-time adaptation solutions, such as:

  • intelligent traffic light management,
  • opening dynamic lanes.

The classification also allows road maintenance work to be planned more efficiently, e.g. the heavier the vehicles moving on the road, the more often the maintenance work will be carried out.

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