Dedicated applications and the highest image quality thanks to special cameras by C&C Partners

Dedicated cameras are designed for various tasks. It all depends on the needs and applicability of a given camera. The group of these devices is very diverse. Simultaneously, specialized cameras are devices with dedicated applications, closely related to their intended use and working environment. Cameras can vary much in shape, size, and function.

Tattile cameras

Tattile - an Italian manufacturer of specialized cameras, has been developing and producing cameras with license plate readers for ITS and mobile applications for over 30 years. Tattile offers a wide range of intelligent cameras based on artificial intelligence (AI), providing the operation of the most demanding applications on the transport infrastructure and Smart Cities market.

  • Cameras recognizing the brand, model, color, class of vehicles moving at a speed of max. 200/250 km/h

Specific Use: City, Highway.

  • Mobile cameras reading plates from moving vehicles

Specific Use: Police, Parking Lot Services.

  • Cameras for safe vehicle / toll transit

Cameras of this type are used in electronic toll lanes; they recognize license plates a few meters in front of the gates, which allows for quick and safe vehicle transit.

Specific Use: Motorway gates.

  • Speed ​​detection cameras, assisted by radar
  • Red light detection cameras
  • Cameras counting vehicle axles

Cameras for specialized applications TKH Security (Siqura)

Over 25 years of experience on the market guarantees the delivery of innovative solutions in the field of security management, video monitoring, and parking management. The products are classified (certified by the Internal Security Agency).

XCU Fusion cameras are designed to work in harsh environments. XCU Fusion combines a Full-HD camera with the ability to work in ultra-low light and with a thermal imaging camera for day and night vision.

  • Cameras for Ex zones at risk of explosion

Explosion-proof cameras are designed for use in hazardous areas. With certificates confirming the possibility of their use in potentially explosive places (in accordance with international standards).

  • Marine cameras

A wide range of rugged cameras is specially designed for harsh applications and environments such as the marine industry.

  • Temperature measuring cameras

An advanced product designed for medium and large systems with large crowds of people. It can measure up to 16 people at the same time. Specific use: shopping malls, hotels, offices, airports, industrial plants, hospitals, etc.

    Types of specialized cameras:

    Opgal thermal imaging cameras

    Opgal is a comprehensive range of products and software that ensure early detection of potential threats, taking into account long distances and minimal human factor involvement. Opgal is an Israeli manufacturer specialized in advanced thermal imaging systems, used in many areas - from civilian to the most modern and secret military technologies.

    Virtual perimeter protection
    The devices allow you to monitor a larger area with a smaller number of cameras compared to traditional CCTV solutions. Application: prisons, solar farms, airports, industrial facilities

    Fire detection
    Application: landfills, warehouses, historic buildings

    Border protection
    Long-range thermal imaging cameras (up to over 20 km) with a laser rangefinder are especially useful for the needs of the Border Guards.