From planning, through design, realization, to the day-to-day use of a given facility. We provide full support to our business Partners at each of these stages. Our clients can order dedicated presentations, stationary and online training, technical consultations and complete project libraries.


As a leader and producer of advanced telecommunications and building systems, we have a full range of products and solutions to comprehensively implement in a particular investment. Our specialists will advise you on how to choose optimal solutions for a given project. We are flexible and open to the needs of our customers, which is why we have established a dedicated Research and Development Department whose primary task is to modify ready-made solutions to individual requirements.


For architects and designers, we have prepared complete libraries containing our products to make the design process of a given facility as easy as possible. Our technical consultants and a series of training sessions as part of the Academy of C&C Technology are also available. After logging in, the technical documentation of our products and solutions is also available.


We provide full technical support for contractors along with dedicated online consultations. Working with C&C Partners, each contractor has the opportunity to rental a meter and participate in cyclical training at the Academy of C&C Technology , which is completed with obtaining certificates. After logging into our system, the product catalog with technical sheets is also available.


DomNet and SecurityNet products offered by our company are synonymous with high quality as well as innovative and unique solutions. This tunrs into the reliability and comprehensiveness of telecommunications and building products from C&C Partners. We have also created an advanced Logistics Center for our clients, which ensures continuity of supplies. Details of our products are available after logging in to the B2B platform dedicated to the distribution channel. 

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