The new series of Hanwha Techwin Wisnet X series cameras with artificial intelligence

AI artificial intelligence in VCA supports VCA image analysis enabling the detection of people, license plates, vehicles (car / truck / bus / bike / motorcycle) and audio classification with patterns (scream, gunshot, explosion, broken glass).

Dome, horn and compact cameras equipped with AI in image correction

WiseNRII is a new enhancement that uses artificial intelligence to identify the movement of objects and reduce blur in difficult low-light environments. Based on artificial intelligence, Preferred Shutter technology automatically adjusts shutter speed based on classified objects in motion and scene lighting conditions to reduce motion blur and provide the clearest image for recognizing people and vehicles.

AI artificial intelligence to optimize the video stream size in the latest Hanwa Techwin cameras

Using artificial intelligence-based object detection results, WiseStreamIII technology adjusts the video codec to focus the maximum video quality on detected objects in the scene, while scaling the encoding as much as possible in the rest of the scene. This ensures that the use of network resources and disk space in writing is minimized. In cameras operating in surveillance systems, artificial intelligence plays a double role: it enables precise analysis of the image content, and also improves the quality and credibility of the recorded video material. In this way, artificial intelligence facilitates the assessment of threats and increases the level of security in protected facilities, as well as offers many functions useful for business.

Why is artificial intelligence so important in image analysis?

With the development of cameras, the volume and complexity of the video material increases. This in turn creates the need to develop intelligent methods for rapid image content analysis. Manual image sorting is not possible even for highly trained personnel. The only practical solution to this problem is the use of artificial intelligence, which significantly improves the operation of video surveillance systems. Observers follow the course of events, but use data from additional image analyzes, allowing them to focus on incidents that require human intervention.

The use of artificial intelligence in modern cameras offered by C&C Partners

Artificial intelligence improves the use of modern surveillance systems in every part of them, increases the level of situational awareness, and shortens the reaction time of operators to occurring events.

The use of artificial intelligence in cameras means greater focus

Thanks to artificial intelligence, the video materials from the cameras are analyzed on an ongoing basis, and the operators can focus on things that require direct human intervention. Artificial intelligence algorithms can be used to alert operators to potentially dangerous situations, failures or vandalism. More specialized algorithms can help you manage traffic, thus reducing travel times and avoiding accidents due to non-compliance.

Thanks to the deep learning function, cameras with built-in artificial intelligence can distinguish between dangerous events that can lead to serious consequences, and ordinary events occurring in a given area. For example, they distinguish between randomly appearing animals and people trying to break into the protected area. They eliminate the influence of so-called visual noise, i.e. the natural movement in the image, for example generated by tree branches blown in the wind. This reduces the number of false alarms and makes the work of surveillance system operators easier.

C&C Partners image analysis systems are advanced methods of searching for events

Thanks to exceptional precision in the analysis of the content of images, artificial intelligence offers sophisticated methods of searching for the right fragments of recordings in a large video material. Support for VMS systems, eg VDG Sense, allows you to search for images of people dressed in a certain way, having certain special features, for example wearing glasses, or people belonging to a certain age group. This allows, for example, to quickly identify and stop a shoplifter. In the case of vehicle observation, artificial intelligence allows you to quickly find images of wanted or stolen cars. "

In the offer of C&C Partners, Hanwha Techwin AI X cameras are available in the following versions:

Tube Camera:

2 Mpx XNO-C6083R and XNO-6083R
4 Mpx XNO-C7083R
6 Mpx XNO-C8083R and XNO-8083R
8 Mpx / 4K XNO-C9083R and XNO-9083R

Vandal proof dome camera:

2 Mpx XNV-C6083R and XNV-6083R
4 Mpx XNV-C7083R
6 Mpx XNV-C8083R, XNV-8093R, and XNV-8083R
8 Mpx / 4K XNV-C9083R and XNV-9083R

Dome Camera:

2 Mpx XND-C6083RV and XND-6083RV
4 Mpx XND-C7083RV
6 Mpx XND-C8083RV, XND-8083RV and XND-8093RV
8 Mpx / 4K XND-C9083RV and XND-9083RV

Compact camera (box type):

8 Mpx / 4K XNB-9003

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