Tattile Axle Counter - the latest version of the vehicle axle counting camera

Tattile introduced the latest version of the Tattile Axle Counter camera.

Innovative Tattile Axle Counter camera for counting the quantity of vehicle axles

The camera provides a solution for automatic identification of the quantity of axles of each type of vehicle moving up to 250 km / h, as well as standing or slow moving vehicles in heavy traffic. The solution can identify vehicles with an efficiency of 99.5% with the ability to recognize a vehicle within a second at the peak of very heavy traffic.

A wide range of the functionalities of the specialized Tattile camera

Its advanced built-in processing capabilities, based on artificial intelligence, allow detecting and counting the axles of vehicles at any time of the day or night. Thanks to an algorithm based on artificial intelligence (AI), the system generates a reconstructed image of the vehicle for visual confirmation along with a configurable set of metadata.

The existing functions on the previous models remain unchanged, making any other external devices unnecessary. The output is provided in the form of a reconstructed image of the vehicle and configurable metadata that can be uploaded to a server or stored locally. It is also possible to access the system via a web interface.

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