New version of the modular outdoor station - ID5 / OD5 VERSION

Commend outdoor intercom stations, thanks to the variety of modules, meet almost all customer requirements. However, it happened that as a result of adapting the station to the needs and requirements of customers, a huge dimensions panel was created, and the users were loosing time to find a specific person or function, had to conduct an in-depth search.

The latest models of Commend intercom stations equipped with touch screens have a significant advantage over their predecessors.

Advantages of using a touch screen:
• More information can be displayed more flexibly in a smaller space.
• Virtually unlimited number of call buttons - easy remote management.
• The search function helps the user to quickly find and contact a specific person, company or department.
• Enhanced contact management for complexes and building locations.
• Bright display showing information: house number, opening hours, company information, advertising, etc.
• Keypad for dialing telephone numbers and access codes.
• Clear, two-way audio and video.
• Pictograms for barrier-free communication (induction loop).
• Modern and stylish panel design.

The photos showing the differences between the two versions show very well how many functions and "modules" can be placed in a small space, and at the same time remain flexible in terms of further expansion of the station's functionality.

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