Electronic padlock - no more problems with a lost key!

Electronic padlock with integrated proximity reader from SimonsVoss Technologies GmbH | Allegion is a modern solution that effectively protects the gate, external wardrobe or container against unauthorized opening or entry.

Additionally, it enables access management and authorizations from the standard access control level. And above all, it will end the problem of losing a mechanical key once and for all.

The most important parameters of the solution:

  • Weather resistance equal to IP66.
  • Temperature range –25 ° C to +65 ° C.
  • Battery operation up to 5 years or 80,000 uses,
  • Easy to replace standard battery (CR2450 3V).

Main features of the software:

  • Support for DESFire and Mifare technologies, including encrypted solutions
  • Manage one database of people, cards and accesses for offline and online solutions
  • Remote unlocking of the padlock for people without a proximity card
  • Visualization of events, elements, connection status
  • Battery status and wireless connection quality
  • One proximity card for many solutions
  • Common event and authorization reporting module for all readers

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