The constructed network is the first of its kind in Poland. The beginnings of its implementation date back to 2010, when decisions were made to build it. It was implemented in FTTH P2P (Fiber To The Home) technology, which is currently the most modern technical solution in the world in the field of telecommunications services.

Installed systems

  • Elements of the POP system
  • Elements of the main network
  • Elements of the access network

Challenges encountered

The investor's task was to bring two optical fibers to the subscriber in order to provide "Triple play" broadband services (in one package: internet, telephone and television) with simultaneous cost optimization. We managed to accomplish this task thanks to the support of our technological partner, the holding company TKF, which for over 15 years has been a supplier of fiber optic technologies to the Dutch and German markets.




The architecture of the constructed network is a classic star scheme, with a central element aggregating all optical fibers in one place called POP, where ODF system cabinets are located, and fiber optic panels are installed in them, to which LTMC 96J fiber cables have been led, which supply intermediate points - FIST-GCO2 joints. A cable for direct burying the DAC 2J was led to the subscriber from each such muffle, which was then terminated in a proboxie developed for this project. The main teletechnical infrastructure was a bundle of a microduct system with seven DB 14/10 microducts to which LTMC cables were installed using the jet blowing method.

The special feature of the ACE fiber optic system is that only one type of trunk cable with a capacity of only 96 fibers is used in the entire network. Which is a kind of unique approach compared to other solutions available on the market. As a result, the constructed ACE system is fully transparent: one 96J cable is one 2U distribution box - one fiber optic coupler - 48 subscribers. This approach allows you to reduce the number of products needed to build a network, thus reducing the total investment costs, including logistics costs, and significantly speeds up the design and installation phase.

It is worth to mention that the built infrastructure is also adapted to increase the potential of the Internet by adjusting the throughput up to 10Gbit / s. This is confirmed by the fact that the provided network is timeless and adapted to new services.

Fiber optic network - what the adventages of the solution?

Thanks to the constructed fiber optic network, the Investor provides access to services such as:

  • Internet access
    Unlimited Internet access in three packages to choose from: 50Mbit /s, 75Mbit / s or 100Mbit /s.
  • Symmetrical combined.
    TV Over 100 digital TV programs, 50 analogue programs and 12 radio stations.
  • Digital telephony
    Conducting telephone calls using a standard telephone set and access to services such as "Fax-2-email" and "Voice-2-mail".



The way in which the Investor decided to build the infrastructure based on the ACE system is characterized by a number of benefits, including:

  • low cost of connecting a subscriber (low OPEX costs),
  • transparency of infrastructure at all points of it, easy reconfiguration,
  • provision of various broadband services simultaneously,
  • the possibility of migration from P2P to PON technology (which is not possible the other way around),
  • open way to introduce new demanding services.
  • lower logistic costs by limiting the amount of products necessary to build teletechnical infrastructure,
  • thanks to the fiber optic technology used, the network is resistant to the influence of weather and physical conditions,
  • which is very important from the subscriber's point of view - no interruption in access to services. resistance to power failures - optical fibers do not require intermediate power points.

Several important numbers:

The network in the Kosakowo Commune and neighboring communes is:

  • 160 km of LTMC 96J cable,
  • 80 km of ACEsplit 7x14 / 10 microduct system bundle,
  • 350 km of DAC 2J cable,
  • 150 FIST GCO2 fiber optic joints,
  • 4 ODF + PMF + PPF system distribution frames.

Expert opinion:

The project was implemented in a manner ensuring maximum use of available resources - incl. it was decided to blow the cable in one section of about 5200m (blowing in two directions 2x 2600m), which allowed for the reduction of the number of chambers, containers and fiber optic couplings. This approach reduces the time needed to build a given section of the network and allows you to reduce the number of problems / downtime that may appear at the installation stage. Thanks to the close cooperation and trainings carried out by our company for installers performing work on this investment, the completed project was successfully completed while maintaining applicable standards and norms, which will be confirmed by the certificate of a 15-year reliability guarantee of the ACE system. It is also worth emphasizing that the built ACE system in the Kosakowo Commune and neighboring communes is such an interesting infrastructure and stands out from other systems of this type available in Poland that it aroused the interest of Minister Andrzej Halicki and Voivode Ryszard Stachurski, who visited our investment in October 2014 .

Wojciech Jurewicz Product Manager

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