Wrocław University of Science and Technology is a leading research and teaching center in Poland. Its position among technical universities in Europe and in the world is growing every year. The development of the university ensures research potential, didactics at the highest level, innovation and cooperation with the economy.

Installed equipment:

  • 235 readers
  • 230 cameras
  • 60 intercoms
  • 11 IDS control panels

Why C&C Partners security systems?

The distributed facility management system applied at the Wrocław University of Science and Technology allowed for the electronic protection of both the university building complex and university car parks. As part of the applied solution, the following systems have been integrated: access control, burglary and assault signaling, video monitoring, intercom communication and a key depository. Moreover, the database of students and employees was integrated with the system, which contributed to meeting all investor's requirements.


Challenges encountered

The access control system used in this implementation had to ensure control of the flow of undesirable people in administrative, library and archival areas, as well as prevent them from getting to sensitive places, such as server rooms and IT node points. The student card / employee card that users have is also an access card to various places. The burglary and assault signaling system is activated at night, and the alarms generated by it converge in one surveillance center, where decisions are made as to the next steps. The video monitoring system verifies undesirable events, and also supports decisions made by facility security personnel. Critical places, communication routes and the outside area are monitored. A very interesting solution is the inclusion of university car parks in the security system, which, from the point of view of the system, become protected zones, and access to them takes place after verification of authorizations. When entering the car park, the vehicle's registration plate is read.

If a given vehicle number is in the database and has the right to enter the car park, it will be automatically admitted. If the board becomes dirty or arrives with another car, the user may use the student / employee ID card as an access control card. Drivers of cars not registered in the database, e.g. courier deliveries or guests, can use the intercom. Security verifies their entry permissions. Additionally, this system provides the number of available parking spaces. Most importantly, the system's database exchanges information with the university's student and employee database, as well as the university's website. Granting authorizations to a given person in the university system automatically allows access to specific resources in the security system. With such a designed system and implemented integrations, the user gains benefits in the form of very easy security management in the facility, a transparent and fast method of granting permissions and access for individual users.

The most important benefits:

  • double verification carried out thanks to the access card and the face analysis system student card / employee card, which is also a gateway to various places for 55 thousand.
  • users automatic plate recognition module control of the flow of undesirable people in individual rooms integration of university car parks into the security system
  • system compatibility with the university database of students and employees will prevent unauthorized persons from getting to sensitive places very easy and intuitive management of security in the facility
  • quick method of granting permissions and access for individual users

Expert opinion:

The main assumption of the project was to extend the functionality of the student ID and the employee card. Thanks to the use of our systems and their integration with the university database, cards and ID cards have become an access card to various places. Thanks to such a global combination of our solutions, the user can manage not only the university car park, but also the entire university from one place. Undoubtedly, the solution used in this project puts Wrocław University of Science and Technology among the most secure universities in Poland.

Leszek Schmidt Product Manager, C&C Partners

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