Training seminar in Wrocław - SITP

We spent February 28 in Wrocław - the capital of Lower Silesia. In the building of NOT scientific and technical associations, we took part in the seminar “Fire safety of the PM hall with the office and social part. Case study".

Another event where we presented our PSIM+ system

During the event organized by the Lower Silesian branch of SITP, Leszek Schmidt presented a lecture "Remote management of physical and fire safety in a production and warehouse hall with an office part using modern PSIM+ and SIUP class integration solutions".

The system integrating fire protection devices SIUP is a solution that increases the level of safety of people and property in building facilities and is becoming more and more popular.

In addition, during the seminar at the interactive stand, together with Rafał Krawczyk and Szymon Staszak, we had the opportunity to present the visualization and management of events from the level of the system operator station based on the PSIM #WinGuard solution from Advancis Software & Services.

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