The latest version - VDG SENSE 2.7

We are pleased to announce that the latest version of VDG SENSE 2.7 is now available. We encourage you to update now, and below you will find more details and features of the new version!

The latest version of VDG Sense - a video surveillance system with the function of intelligent image analysis

Having cyber-secure products that can keep up with the challenges and changes in IT security is crucial – we realize how important it is to monitor and improve our solutions to protect our clients' critical security systems. Our video management software has just been upgraded to VDG SENSE 2.7, fully dedicated to the latest developments and essential cybersecurity considerations of today and tomorrow.

What are the advantages of the VDG SENSE 2.7 system?

  • All server-client communication is encrypted
  • Improved Redundant Server functionality
  • No more default passwords, all passwords must be configured according to the security policy
  • AES 256 password encryption
  • Mandatory multi-character password complexity
  • Subjecting the system to continuous white box pen test

What functionalities will be available in the VDG SENSE 2.7 system and in subsequent releases of version 2.7.x

  • User-defined privacy mask - static object anonymization
  • Video export comments
  • Custom OSD messages
  • New GUI for video blocking (tagging).
  • Native export via API
  • Integration with AID Citilog
  • Support for the sound module via RTSP and PCM 24-bit sound supported by the Siqura device
  • Continuous improvements in cybersecurity
  • Dynamic object anonymization
  • Object tracking for ObjectC with line crossing
  • ObjectC extensions min. number of zones, types of objects
  • RTSP API supporting 128 connections
  • Audit trail – Track user activities
  • Linux support
  • Merging the UX of the VDG SENSE Client with the functions of the FLINQ SMS/PSIM Client

You can find out more about the system in the folder "Cybersecurity with VDG Sense" - click here to download!

Latest version of VDG Sense 2.7  - click here to download!


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