Polish branch of the Dutch company TKF

A new company operating within the Dutch holding company TKH Group - TKF Polska was established in Poland. It is the Polish branch of the Dutch company TKF (BV Twentsche Kabelfabriek). It will be based in a newly built factory in Rawicz. Production will start in spring 2023, employment in the new factory will ultimately find up to 100 people.

A new stage in the dynamic development of the TKH Group in Poland

As a technology company belonging to TKH Group NV, TKF has access to breakthrough solutions, concepts and technologies. As a result, as one of the few manufacturers in the world, TKF controls the entire cable production process, from preforms, through fibers, to the cable itself.

Having a real impact on the production of fiber - the most important element of a fiber optic cable, the customer receives cables that meet the highest standards, certified by independent laboratories, including the Orange Labs certificate.

TKF cables, which we have been supplying for years, are known and appreciated both on the Polish market and in the Baltic States. They have become a standard for many well-known operators, including

  • Orange
  • Grupa Netia
  • UPC
  • Inea

The use of TKF cables to build fiber-optic networks implemented under the OPDP (Operational Program Digital Poland) project means that almost every Internet user in Poland uses them indirectly.

The factory is under construction, while TKF Polska has already started the recruitment process.

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