New IPROTECT feature - iManager Personnel Control Module

We are proud to introduce you to our latest feature of the iManager access control add-on - the iProtect People Control Module.

Key information on the new IPROTECT feature - iManager Person Control Module:

  • Availability: The functionality is available in IPROTECT 10.x.
  • Licensing: The feature requires the purchase of an additional iManager license. For new installations, the IM-BASE module is required. However, for existing customers with iManager, the IM-PERSON-CONTROL extension is required.
  • System versions: The function is available in both versions of IPROTECT: ACCESS and SECURITY.

Purpose and practical application of the people control function

The people control function is crucial for security, especially in manufacturing plants with high employee turnover, where sobriety checks are becoming standard. These checks provide optimal protection against health and safety violations caused by employees under the influence of alcohol. Random checks also serve as a preventive measure, lowering the risk of theft.

Compliance with the law

According to the Labor Code, an employer may control the sobriety of employees in order to protect their life, health and company property. A new decree of the Minister of Health on February 16, 2023 introduces detailed rules for conducting such tests.

How does it work in practice?

Our person control module works on the principle of randomly selecting people who use their ID in the access control system. Once a person is selected for control, the information is transmitted to the operators, and the basic data of the person being controlled is displayed in the iProtect system.All information is also stored in the iManager report.

Why is our solution unique?

In addition to standard features, we offer:

  • Advanced draw algorithm with range determination.
  • The ability to activate functions on selected readers.
  • Enhanced reporting that includes data about the person drawn.
  • Customization of the module to meet individual customer needs.
  • Simple procedures when a person is drawn, such as turning on an LED light or alarms in PSIM WinGuard.
  • Quick and simple configuration.

We invite you to take a look at the full offer and take advantage of the new capabilities that iManager offers in combination with iProtect.



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