Silent alarms and advanced intercom systems in security buildings

In emergency and dangerous situations, such as physical or verbal attacks on a person, fast, reliable and safe communication plays a crucial role.

Silent alarms and advanced intercom systems in security buildings


This special type of alarm allows you to listen to the situation from outside the room immediately and unnoticed. A person at risk feels supported and is not exposed to the risk of the situation escalating through rash actions from outside. Helpers therefore get an accurate picture of the situation very quickly before they intervene, without putting themselves in danger.

This solution is used especially in facilities such as:

  • prisons,
  • employment offices,
  • employment offices,
  • social welfare offices,
  • ambulances.

Unfortunately, it is often seen that emergency workers intervene from outside without having sufficient information about the exact situation on site.

An advanced intercom system allows for better assessment of the situation in real time. When a silent alarm is triggered, the system immediately makes microphones, speakers and cameras available at the scene of the incident and actively supports first responders and crisis teams in implementing appropriate emergency plans. This provides them with valuable additional information, such as the number of people in the room, the use of weapons, people injured, etc. This allows the response to an emergency situation to be faster and more event-specific.


... is the employer's responsibility. Psychological training on behavior, especially in dangerous situations, is often offered. But is this enough? Silent alarms provide employees with effective protection in critical situations.


Commend systems have an emergency mode that activates the camera, allowing you to visually monitor the situation. Additionally, they can be used to deter potential perpetrators by addressing them directly. This direct interaction, as well as possible de-escalation actions, can help de-escalate dangerous situations and protect potential victims.

It is time to use technical solutions that enable a better assessment of the situation on the ground, an appropriate and targeted response and, in general, early detection of threats.


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