Interface for POLON fire control panels

We are pleased to announce that the list of interfaces for the WinGuard system has been expanded by another one, this time intended for POLON series 4000 fire control panels.

Interface for POLON fire control panels

The new PCM-4000 interface supports Polon-Alfa control panels as part of the 4000 family including the following models:

  • POLON 4100
  • POLON 4200
  • POLON 4500
  • POLON 4900(S)

Technical requirement

Integration is available in every version of the WinGuard X5 software, and the technical requirements that must be met (on the control panel side) are access to the RS232 communication port and current software supporting the PCM-4000 protocol.

Communication way

Communication with the POLON-4000 series control panels takes place via the RS232 serial link and does not allow connection directly via the TCP/IP port. It is worth noting that in the case of one-way communication, it is possible to use hardware RS232-Ethernet gates, the so-called MOXA, thanks to which it will be possible to communicate with the headquarters using the LAN network.

Integration scope for monitoring the following signals

  • Connection status of the WinGuard server with the Polon 4000 series control panel
  • Status of linear elements and inputs/outputs
  • Status of "global" states for the entire headquarters
  • Polon 4000 control panel control (*only when connected to SIUP CC-WINGUARD)