Automatic reception

Automatic reception is the basic hardware element of the "automatic reception" system, which, in combination with the iManager notification module, allows guests to quickly and intuitively confirm their arrival and download an access card with individually configured access rights.

Automatic reception

This is a solution that integrates both the function of an access card issuing and collecting machine.

The solution is characterized by:

  • The installed touch screen used to confirm notification makes it possible to additionally expand the functionality with tasks such as acceptance of the facility's regulations, confirmation of reading the occupational health and safety requirements, etc.
  • The device is designed to act as a working time registration terminal for employees.
  • The Pluto + Orion controller included in the device allows you to use it to directly control the opening of turnstiles or doors.
  • Possibility of video connection with staff or security via the built-in SIP intercom in case of any problems.
  • A wide-angle video camera that can be integrated with any CCTV system via the universal ONVIF protocol, which enables full video recording of guests taking the card and entering the facility.

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