Cyber security confirmed by a certificate

Cybersecurity is critical in our fast-paced digital world. At C&C Partners, cybersecurity starts in our own organization. In the way we develop the hardware and software we deliver to our customers.

Commend is a secure electronic communication confirmed by the ISO certificate

One of the companies we represent on the Polish market and in the Baltic States is Commend. The manufacturer of intercom communication systems invests significant resources in the security of products at every level, creating them in full compliance with the strictly certified IEC ISO 27001 standards, based on the company-wide Information Security Management System (ISMS).

Since the end of 2019, Commend International GmbH is the world's first intercom company with full EN ISO 27001:2013 certification covering its entire business. Cybersecurity has become part of their corporate DNA – and one of their core competencies. IT security is an expression of responsible commitment. That is why we focus only on competent Partners.

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