C&C powered by energy produced from the sun!

Last year, we invested in photovoltaic panels in our Logistics Center, which allowed for a real reduction in electricity bills, which is of great importance with the systematically growing electricity prices. Another investment in renewable energy sources is a photovoltaic installation on the roof of our headquarters in Leszno, as well as the installation of electric car charging stations.

Green energy from the sun for C&C Partners

The installer of the installation is our Technology Partner - Coral W. Perkowski J. Perkowski Sp. J. Our motivation to save is largely environmental. Because what is economical is also ecological. We have been active in pro-ecological activities related to the protection of the natural environment for a long time. As a socially responsible company, we try to ensure that our activities are focused on the continuous reduction of pollutant emissions, including by:

  • use of low-emission vehicles
  • economical driving of cars
  • optimal use of vehicles
  • production of "green energy" from renewable sources (photovoltaics)

In everyday activities, it is important for us to promote environmental protection in all areas of the company's operations among employees. Our goal is to build solid pro-ecological attitudes in our team, resulting in rational and thoughtful use of the natural environment at work and in everyday life:

  • striving to reduce electricity consumption
  • reduction of paper consumption through the optimal use of IT systems
  • reducing the consumption of materials through their thoughtful use
  • avoiding waste, segregating it and striving to increase the level of recycling

Changes should start with ourselves!

Even small steps taken to improve the health of the environment represent a significant change in global reach.

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