C&C Bike Day

We have it! Another 3rd edition of C&C Bike Day has been successfully completed!


We have combined a passion for cycling with a noble aim!

June 3 was World Bicycle Day! As every year, we also joined the celebration of this day by promoting the bicycle as an inexpensive, reliable and ecological means of transport. Leaving the house, we turned on the meters and shot kilometers for our little friend, Michał Socha https://www.siepomaga.pl/michal-socha!

It is worth mentioning that the bicycle also helps to take care of health and connects people. Just as we were joined by the C&C team, which travels from various corners of the city and spins kilometers in order to achieve the set goal - 805 km (distance between Leszno and Dutch Haaksbergen).

Our goal has been achieved - together on that day we managed to cover 1,456.53 km!



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