Corporate rules

The crucial values that C&C Partners company is guided by in its activities have played a significant role in developing the following Code of Conduct. The Corporate Rules we value are an important factor influencing the continuation of successes of our company. They can be defined as follows:

  • C&C impacts the development of markets through the early identification of emerging trends, and by translating them into technologically advanced solutions. Thus, we contribute to the continuous progress not only in the industry but also in the economy.
  • C&C can understand the situation of its customers and thus construct a clear picture of their needs. Individual approach to customers allows us to offer them the most appropriate solutions.
  • C&C operates through closely cooperating teams of professionals employed by the company and our customers. In this manner, we develop innovative solutions that meet the needs of our clients and create added value in their business activities. 
  • C&C uses and stimulates the talents possessed by their employees by creating adequate working conditions and offering attractive opportunities for further career. Thanks to our employees’ commitment we are setting new standards in the scope of customer service, innovation, and product offer.

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