Managing multiple systems from one place

WinGuard PSIM + is an open IT platform that enables the integration of various systems, the correlation of information derived from them, presentation of a picture of the situation based on incoming data, and as a result, the ability to control and manage multiple systems with a single user interface.

Thanks to the wide-ranging integration possibilities, the WinGuard PSIM + platform can be used for the management of the entire facility, or a complex of facilities, without limiting to only the technical security systems. In addition to integrating devices in the field of security systems, such as cameras, access control readers, or motion detectors systems supervising the operation of computer networks like BMS building automation systems, or other specialized systems could be integrated.

WinGuard PSIM + is software that does not prefer specific device vendors. It is a flexible tool that gives users the freedom of choice, taking into account the integration of older systems and new solutions appearing on the market. WinGuard PSIM + is a solution that analyzes information coming from various sources. Processing this data, identifying occurring events, and effectively managing them according to defined procedures improves operational efficiency. PSIM + allows you to develop scenarios step by step while taking into account various situations that may arise.

WinGuard PSIM + allows for centralized management of facilities located in remote locations. The manufacturer of the system is Advancis Software. This German company is today one of the international leaders in the security and building management market. Thousands of projects realized in 70 countries, prove WinGuard's position as one of the leaders in the PSIM + systems market in the world. 


Integration of fire protection systems thanks to the CC WINGUARD system

The CC WINGUARD integrator is a pioneering system integrating fire devices, based on the German Advancise brand - WinGuard PSIM +. The solution is the highest level of management of installed fire safety systems, the use of which is required by technical and construction regulations.

The CC WINGUARD integrator meets all guidelines and standards in the field of fire protection, confirmed by certificates issued by CNBOP-PIB.

The CC WINGUARD integrator ensures interoperability of any fire protection devices and systems in a building as well as integration with security systems, which provides control over all systems from one place via a uniform operator interface.

An integral part of the CC WINGUARD integrator is the WinGuard PSIM + platform, which allows you to manage fire events, detected by fire systems of any manufacturer, from the operator panel. Thanks to the CC Winguard Integrator, in the event of a fire hazard, the user/operator can take appropriate steps following the safety procedures defined for the surveilled facility.

The CC WINGUARD integrator supervises installations and devices locally or in the architecture of scattered facilities, such as:

  • fire alarm systems,
  • sound warning systems,
  • devices and systems of fixed firefighting devices,
  • smoke and heat control systems 
  • fire protection elements (e. g. doors, curtains, gates),
  • emergency lighting systems,
  • emergency power switches,
  • lifts adapted to the needs of rescue teams (lift for the fire brigade),
  • other firefighting devices used during a fire alarm.

System advantages:

  • independence from executive devices in the area of control and monitoring,
  • integration of all fire alarm systems available on the market,
  • extensive graphic interface - the ability to create your own, independent system interface; the ability to fully mirror the fireman's desk,
  • independence in the system configuration, e. g. by the installer or integrator,
  • maintenance and technical support, provided directly by the installer or integrator.

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