Advanced monitoring with intelligent image analysis by C&C Partners

The heart of every advanced CCTV system is the VMS video management software for image recording and analysis. The growing requirements set by the most prestigious and complex systems around the world motivate us, the manufacturer based on the experience of TKH Holding, to keep on improving the advanced VDG Sense video management platform. Software created in the most modern programming environment contributes to creating new, improved functionalities dynamically. High quality and functional flexibility suit the needs of the most non-standard projects. The software guarantees top-class work ergonomy for operators, a well as the stability of operation simultaneously ensuring high video processing efficiency.

Key elements of the VDG Sense platform:

  • unique image analysis using artificial intelligence AI,
  • flexible interface,
  • scalability,
  • multi-level redundancy.

Openness to third party systems

The system's key feature is an openness to cameras from many manufacturers, both analog and IP. Thanks to this, the VDG Sense platform can be implemented in any system. This flexibility makes VDG Sense one of the world's most advanced VMS software available on the market.


We provide a complete video monitoring system, which supplements the VMS platform with cameras from Siqura, Tattile, Opgal, and Hanwha Techwin. These cameras can be fully integrated with the VDG Sense system. It also provides many possibilities of adaptations to the requirements of any project. 

The most important features of the system:

  • Secure data - AES256 configuration and transmission encryption, OAuth2 authorization, Active Directory (LDAP) integration, GDPR compliance,
  • Support of an unlimited number of video streams,
  • Powerful makr engine - over 750 combinations - creating multi-level responses to events and interconnection of signals from different systems; backward image analysis of VCA post factum 2.0; the ability to adapt the rules of image analysis to the already recorded video material - quick event search,
  • Security and redundancy - hardware-secured servers, redundant application server, applications watchdog ensure that everything will be recorded,
  • Onfiv / RTSP support, openness to virtualization VMWare, Hyper-V,
  • Advanced videwall management; multi-level vector maps with the OpenStreetMap option.

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