The highest level of security thanks to the IDS by C&C Partners

The intrusion detection system is the basic security solution that is mounted in most modern facilities. The UNii alarm system, developed within the TKH Group, is a hybrid solution that can be used with both wired and wireless detectors.

The modularity of the solution

The main feature of the UNii solution is a modular design. Thanks to a single hardware platform, the alarm system can be adapted to the current and future client expectations. The number of access points in the central panel can be easily expanded, from 32 to 128, or 512. The extension of access points is activated by an online license, without replacing any hardware. The central panel has additional expansion modules, such as OC-type and relay outputs, access card reader expander, wireless communication modules for Pyronix, PowerG and Elite devices, KNX integration module, and GPRS monitoring module. 

The main advantages of the IDS system offered by C&C Partners

  • The solution is available with a redundant control panel that provides access 24/7 and is a unique feature on the alarm systems market.
  • Central panels can be connected in clusters by RS-485 bus, forming one system with up to 4096 outputs.
  • Additional features, such as redundancy, clusters, or specified integrations, can be added by extending a license.
  • UNii system was designed for quick installation. Thanks to the unique casing, the system can be installed on the existing cabling. 
  • Elements of a bus are detected automatically, which means the addresses don't have to be adjusted. A standard alarm panel can be connected with another panel, providing redundancy of the system.

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