Comprehensive and reliable intercom solution by C&C Partners

As a leading European manufacturer, we provide solutions that enable intercom communication, ranging from simple point-to-point stations to comprehensive communication systems or SOS columns. The company's laboratories are working at full capacity throughout the year, and specialists in hardware, software, and development work together to meet market demands and create the highest quality intercoms from the initial concept to the finished product.

Permanent product development

Our products are under continuous development and optimization. Thanks to that, their quality and functionality follow the always growing needs and requirements of customers. Users, contractors, and end customers will highly appreciate our solutions, primarily due to durability, adaptation to individual needs, and the possibility of integrating the latest systems with older generation solutions.

Intercom solutions by C&C Partners

  • intercom modules,
  • vandal-proof intercoms,
  • medical intercoms with a Hygienic Certificate issued by NIZP-PZH,
  • industrial intercoms and intercoms for EX zones,
  • intercoms with touchscreens,
  • PA amplifiers,
  • IP speakers supporting Onvif,
  • intercom servers 
  • the world's first VirtoSIS virtual intercom server.

The key features of the intercom system by C&C Partners

  • connection, privacy, busy, and connection request function 
  • DSP functions
  • managing entrance and exit elements functions
  • call switching function
  • group broadcasts 
  • conference option 
  • alarm function
  • integration with the access control system (opening passages from the intercom)
  • passages
  • possibility of creating complex systems up to 25,000 intercoms
  • Open Duplex® mode - the ability to speak and listen simultaneously in the speaker mode, from a distance of up to 7 meters to the station
  • integration between systems that allows you to manage the call, start or end an intercom call by correlating the voice connection with the image from the industrial camera
  • excellent eHD voice quality(16 kHz band)
  • loudspeaker and microphone monitoring
  • intelligent volume control
  • audio monitoring, e. g. automatic initiation of a conversation in the event of loud noise in the presence of a guard
  • radio and music channels; integrated radio, music channel in the intercom (no need for transformers and 100V technology)
  • redirecting calls to another intercom station, analog telephone, VoIP, or DECT
  • recording of calls, group calls, and broadcast messages
  • system integration ensuring the possibility of recording the call in lip-sync technology using the video stream from the CCTV server
  • recording audio sound in the original G.722 codec provides excellent HD sound quality in the frequency band up to 7kH

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