The fiber optic system by C&C Partners is a world-class quality - as one out of 6 companies in the world, we entirely control the process of its production

Since 2008, when we had started our operation on the fiber optic market, we have been supplying fiber optic cables produced by the Dutch company BV Twentsche Kabelfabriek (TKF), which also belongs to the TKH Group holding. As one of the few producers globally, we control the entire production process, from preforms, through fibers, to the cable itself. This is because the company Twentsche (Nanjing) Fiber Optics Ltd (TFO) produces the most important component of a fiber optic cable - its fiber. Thanks to the cooperation with the Japanese company Shin-Etsu which supplies preform for the production of fibers we are sure that the customer receives cables that meet the highest standards.

Product Portfolio

The product portfolio enables the delivery of equipment for building any type of fiber network. Our wide range of products includes:

  • cables (underground, overhead, or indoor),
  • elements of microducts system,
  • joints,
  • optic fiber switch panels,
  • racks for server rooms,
  • accessories for a montage of cables on low, medium, and high voltage poles,
  • the offer is complemented by pigtails, patch cords of different lengths, and special versions.


Quality confirmed by certificates

When we are adjusting the portfolio to the needs of an investor, we put the quality in the first place. The selective choice of our products ensures compliance with current norms and standards. Tests run by the independent research laboratories confirm compliance with international and national requirements. Our cables are certified by the Polish National Institute of Telecommunications and OrangeLabs.


The construction methods of the fiber optic network are a key factor affecting its reliable operation. That is why we pay a lot of attention to creating a wide group of qualified designers and installers of the network. Our specialists provide a broad, practical and theoretical, knowledge for designers and installers of fiber optic networks. Certificate issued by C&C Partners confirms completion of the training. 

Thanks to us:

  • you will build underground, overhead, or indoor networks,
  • you will complete server rooms,
  • you will connect cables to the antennas as a part of 5G network construction,
  • installers and designers will receive training on the design and construction of fiber-optic infrastructure,
  • you can count on our specialists on the construction site,
  • you can be sure that optical fiber networks will be designed and produced according to the special requirements.

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