We supply copper cabling from leading manufacturers

From the beginning of C&C Partners, so for almost 30 years, we have been delivering copper telecommunications systems to the Polish market. The offer is based on connection solutions from the portfolio of CommScope Incorporated (formerly TE Connectivity), a leading global supplier of connection technologies components and products for electronic, network, and telecommunications. The KRONE LSA-PLUS® copper system is one of the CommScope product groups. It was developed in West Berlin in the mid 70's and put into service in the 1980s. For five decades, it has been providing modern and reliable solutions for connecting copper telecommunication cables.

Krone LSA-PLUS® technology

The KRONE LSA-PLUS® telecommunication copper solution is a system of connecting cables in the connectors based on IDC 450 (Insulation Displacement Contact). The KRONE LSA-PLUS® connector is a technically and economically well-thought-out technique for a quick connection without soldering, screwing, or stripping. 

It is made of resilient contact jaws set at an angle of 45 degrees to the axis of the connected cable. The cable is placed in the connector jaws by a dedicated device that simultaneously cuts the cable insulation and contacts it with the cable core. The connector produces torsional and introductory forces that further stabilize the connection. Two gas-tight connections form at the point of contact between the cable core and the spring-loaded jaws. The stiffening elements located on both sides of the connector provide mechanical contact with the cable insulation. In this way, there is a clear separation of the mechanical and electrical contact. One simple move by the SENSOR mounting device forms a connection and at the same time removes the excess cable.

The contact of the KRONE LSA-PLUS® connector is based on a silver-plated brass alloy. The silver plating of the connector gives a distinct advantage over traditional nickel or tin-plated contacts and form a timeless, corrosion-resistant connection. Even under extreme environmental conditions, such as extreme heat, cold, humidity, corrosive atmosphere, the KRONE LSA-PLUS® interface ensures reliable voice and data transmission. KRONE IDC LSA-PLUS 450 technology provides secure connections that are more corrosion resistant than any other type of IDC connector. Setting the contact jaws at a 45-degree angle leaves a larger cross-sectional area of the conductor between the contact points, thus providing more reliable and stress-resistant connections.

One connection technique at all points in the network

Diversity, high quality of components, and their modular and universal design ensure the possibility of using them at any point in the telecommunications network, creating a flexible system adjustable precisely to the needs of the current and future users.

We offer the Krone LSA-PLUS® copper technology

  • analog telecommunications networks in the PON x-DSL technology,
  • digital telecommunications networks in DDF technology,
  • copper telecommunications networks in FTTH technology - G.Fast,
  • station networks and structures for the implementation of MDF and DDF points,
  • lightning protection and overvoltage protection of telecommunications networks,
  • internal and external switching points of copper telecommunications networks.

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