Innovation and development at TKH Group

In recent years, the TKH Group has been dynamically developing its production potential by making significant investments that contribute to increasing operational capabilities and strengthening its position on the market.

New factories in Poland

One of the key elements of the strategy was the development of TKH in Poland:

  • construction of the EEP Sp. factory z o. o.
  • construction of the TKF Polska Sp. factory z o. o.
  • expansion of the VMI Polska Sp. factory z o. o.

These modern production facilities have been designed to use the latest technologies and efficiency standards, which allows us not only to increase production volume, but also to improve the quality of our products. Thanks to these investments, we can better respond to dynamically changing market demand and introduce innovative solutions that put us at the forefront of industry evolution.


Power cable factory in the Netherlands

At the same time as the investments in Poland, the construction of a power cable factory for offshore wind farms in the Netherlands began. This investment underlines our commitment to supporting sustainable development and the transition to renewable energy sources. This factory is an expression of our determination to be a leader in the field of innovative and ecological solutions for the future of energy. The new facility allows us to increase production capacity in this exciting segment and reflects our ongoing commitment to quality and innovation in the wind and cable industries. This investment is part of the strategic plan to support electrification and emphasizes our commitment to the development of sustainable energy sources.


Our investments - significant not only for us

TKH Group's recent investments are proof that development and innovation are at the core of our business. Thanks to them, we not only increase our production and technological potential, but also contribute to the economic and technological development of the regions in which we operate. What we do is not limited only to the development of our products, but has broader implications for supporting sustainable development and building a future that responds to the challenges of the modern world.


As a company belonging to the TKH holding group, we are proud of the above achievements and we are looking forward to further projects that will allow us to constantly develop and invest in the future.

We cordially invite you to follow our activities and join us on this fascinating journey towards innovation!