Fire safety in design practice

Yesterday, our team had a unique opportunity to participate in workshops devoted to practical aspects of fire safety, which took place in the picturesque chambers of the Royal Castle in Rydzyna.

Fire safety in design practice

Yesterday, our team took part in the XII Preventive Workshops - Rydzyna 2024, dedicated to fire safety in design practice.

The main attraction that gathered a wide group of interested people was the presentation of the CC WINGUARD Integrator, a modern system that integrates building fire protection devices and systems, ensuring comprehensive management of all systems from one place.

The CC WINGUARD integrator has proven to be a key solution for architects and designers, providing not only compliance with the highest standards and guidelines, but also an innovative approach to fire safety management.

Participants could see live how the systems work, as well as talk to our experts and learn more about the future of fire safety.