2nd POLSECURE International Fair

In recent days, i.e. April 24-27, the second edition of the POLSECURE International Fair was held in Kielce under the Honorary Patronage of the Minister of Interior and Administration.

Presentation of modern security systems from C&C Partners

The event is dedicated mainly to services responsible for public safety, e.g. Police, Border Guard, Fire Service, as well as State Protection Service, Prison Service.

Among the exhibitors, the participants could also find the stand of C&C Partners, which featured our flagship solution - PSIM. Thanks to the PSIM open platform, it is possible to integrate various security systems, correlate information from them and present a picture of the situation based on the incoming data. As a result, multiple systems can be controlled and managed from a single user interface.

We believe that our technological solutions will not only be a valuable support for the Prison Service, but also for other services that deal with the security of citizens.

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