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Video monitoring system with intelligent image analysis

Products used to implement systems tailored to individual customer needs and realities of particular investments are fruits of technological ideas of manufacturers who are, as C&C, TKH Group members. Grundig CCTV, Siqura and VDG companies, through the close cooperation of research and development (R&D) departments, provide the highest quality solutions based on many models of cameras and encoders, and a platform for image managing and archiving (VMS Sense). Depending on the user needs and installation scenario, the so-called intelligent image analysis is performed on the boundary components of the system, which are cameras and encoders or centrally on servers and recorders.

C&C Partners is the exclusive distributor of Grundig CCTV products in Poland.

The system provides:

  • video surveillance of indoor and outdoor areas, regardless of time of day and weather conditions
  • recording and archiving of video recordings on various storage media with searching by filters according to defined criteria
  • high resolution of cameras showing every detail of the monitored image with the embedded analysis and the support for various communication interfaces
  • real time image transmission without delays
  • friendly graphical interface implemented in all units of the system, to facilitate exploitation and administration
  • two-way audio transmission to supplement the information signalled by other systems
  • generation of statistics about the direction of objects movement within the monitored area of the building
  • supplementation of the information obtained from other systems concerning the color or shape of the object
  • maintenance-free barrier or gate control based on the recognition of vehicle license plates
  • definable macros rules to optimize the number of operations performed manually by the operator
  • recording redundancy in case of failure of the recording equipment
  • alarm in case of a pre-defined traffic rules occurrence, e.g. exceeding the virtual line
  • construction of the camera points allowing for operation in all weather and light conditions