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Basis of the offer are the connectivity solutions from the portfolio of TE Connectivity Ltd. (formerly TE Electronics Ltd.), a leading global supplier of technology and connectivity products in the field of electronic, networking and telecommunications components. In terms of copper technology, the provider offers complete solutions for the construction of telecommunication networks based on products basing on quick connect LSA PLUS technique. Diversity, high quality of components and their modular and universal nature provide the possibility to apply them at any point of the communication network, creating a flexible system that allows for the fine-tune of the configuration to the current and future needs of the users.

As part of the copper techniques, we offer connecting components for the analogue and digital transmission, products for xDSL and FTTH G.Fast technologies, MDF and DDF station structures, housing of end caps for indoor and outdoor use, lightning and overvoltage protection and a wide-range of installation and operational accessories. The group of TE Connectivity guarding solutions designed to protect the copper connectors in a various environmental conditions, overhead networks, buried and channel networks constitutes a complementation of the offer.

The offered solutions:

  • analogue copper telecommunication networks
  • digital copper telecommunication networks
  • copper telecommunications networks in x-DSL technology
  • copper telecommunications networks in FTTH G.Fast technology
  • station structures for the realization of MDF and DDF points
  • lightning and overvoltage and overcurrent protections of telecommunication networks
  • station networks of structures for the realization of MDF and DDF points
  • external switching points of copper telecommunication networks.