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Safety management system

SMS platform (Security Management System) enables effective monitoring and management of objects and people safety. This system has been created as part of TKH Group. It integrates a variety of subsystems, including access control, intrusion and assault signaling, video surveillance, intercom, parking, work time recording and fire alarm systems. Thanks to powerful integration interfaces it can be integrated in any other system required by the investor. The iProtect platform allows you to manage all subsystems from a common user interface that provides signaling about hazardous conditions. It also enables the archiving of events correlated with video recording and taking an appropriate actions in emergency situations, thanks to the use of preset procedures and data exchange between subsystems.


  • management of security systems located in various locations from one place (SecAAS)
  • integration of the following systems: KD, IDS, CCTV, RCP, intercom, DSO, etc.
  • management application accessible from a web browser
  • events link between systems (incident in one system triggers an event in another one)
  • communication between systems based on standard TCP / IP network
  • full verification of alarm event (video image assigned to the event)
  • full data and rights management for individual users or groups of users
  • the possibility of any grading of system administrator rights (bodyguard, an IT administrator, etc.)
  • management of systems directly from the synoptic map
  • archiving and reporting of events from all systems
  • full encryption of data transmission based on a secured AES-256 and SSL-128 algorithms
  • interfaces for the integration of third-party external systems